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cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

I believe that many of my friends know Golden Goose. They come from the pair of green tail dirty shoes worn by Song Zhongji in the TV series “Descendants of the Sun”.

And Song Zhongji not only chases the girl in the play, but also chases the man outside the play. As soon as he went to the airport, his dirty shoes were standard.
After that, many Korean and domestic artists began to wear small dirty shoes. The Korean drama “Pretty sister who often invites to eat” not long ago, the Golden Goose dirty dirty shoes always worn on the feet of male and female protagonists became one of the highlights in the drama.
Unlike the same small white shoes, each pair of Golden Goose dirty shoes is uniquely dirty, exuding a high-end “no edge” atmosphere.

Founded in 2000, Golden Goose, the full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (referred to as: GGDB). Brand designers Francesca and Alessandro Gallo, though not from science, have bet their passion for fashion and art on the brand.

Every worn-out shoe is waxed and washed by hand, so the shoes made are also absolutely unique, both full of retro flavor and comfortable to wear.
The most important thing is: all shoe types come with a hidden 3CM height increase, which is completely invisible from the outside, and the slender shape perfectly complements the feet.

What is worth buying, cheap golden goose‘s basic star model, that is, the type worn by Song Zhongji, can be worn with almost any clothes, even mix and match with a small dress.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Wears God’s Shoes, Let Others Envy You

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Although “Descendants of the Sun” has been over for a long time, recently the Song Dynasty and the same stage again attracted countless spotlights from the spotlight. Of course, although I don’t know if the male compatriots are all going to Qiao Qiao, but I know the fans must be going to Zhongji Ouba!
Come and review the value of Ouba!
Yes, after thinking about the face value, do you think of the trend of small dirty shoes brought by Ouba!
Yes, although we are attracted by the face value, we cannot give up our keenness for fashion! And this shoe made the world famous, OK?
Green Tail Small Dirty Shoes (Same as Europa)
Oh the same paragraph! Do n’t you think it ’s a step closer to OBA! Haha, although it’s a joke, but this green one is quite pretty and versatile.
Yellow tail small dirty shoes
Yellow tail is more energetic than green tail! Does summer youth match it all? !! !!
White dirty black shoes on black
Black background with white tail and white star, although it is not so dirty, but its distinctive traits will still be revealed without omissions!cheap golden goose
Red and white small dirty shoes
The red background will look particularly dirty when it is old, this is how I initially felt =-=. Not enough red background with hot pants dressing, do you think COOL is very stylish!
Blue Tail Red Star Little Dirty Shoes
This is very hot on INS! Simple white background, blue and red colors are harmonious and bright, all kinds of casual matching are great!
Black and silver color small dirty shoes
Is the silver old edge with black and white color matching upper unique? It’s quite a modern look, and it must be dazzling with clothes!

Golden Goose your husband’s Forever love

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Hi everybody! Have you got the magical skills of your husband Song Zhongji’s sister recently? But today I just talk about your husband’s Forever love-Golden Goose
I said that your husband wore it all over the show, and even the enlistment ceremony that year was wearing Golden Goose shoes to say goodbye to you!
Just a few years ago, Golden Goose’s sneakers have become a big hit. Remember your husbands who once taught them?
In fact, Golden Goose’s sneakers are not only loved by your husbands, but even your goddess is a pair of hands. Can be described as swept the world!
BUT … Golden Goose is not just explosive shoes, but also niche clothing bags.
cheap golden goose is an Italian brand, referred to as GGDB. The brand was founded in 2000 by Venice couples Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. The brand’s pillars are not only because of their love for fashion and art, but also because they own Italy Traditional spirit and appreciation of British tailoring. Gallo and Rinaldo did not receive orthodox fashion design and tailoring training. Their knowledge and skills were learned in different workshops in the early days of the brand. The duo hope to design some products that match their dressing style.
GGDB shoes are made in Italy. Even with Miu Miu, the details such as contour stitching, comfort and texture are even better. And I think it’s even cooler! Mom never has to worry about my sneakers getting dirty again!
The same GGDB clothing bags made in Italy can make my love more deadly! Whether it is design or tailoring, it continues the old style and fine workmanship of the shoes. The clothing is more biased towards neutrality, the style is more rock, and the pursuit of coolness without trimming. Men and women can basically wear each other, seemingly simple style, but can always find small surprises.
In recent years, GGDB costumes have appeared frequently in Korean dramas, but even the “producer”, whose body has been cut off, has no science. Maybe the price of GGDB is higher. Although small, it is still sought after by the stars.
Krystal was rated as the most dressable female star in 2015 with multiple upper body GGDB.
His favorite is the DENIM series of his house. The old-fashioned craftsmanship is first-class. Like sneakers, it is naturally comfortable and unpretentious. Tired of wearing Levis, Lee, acne studios can try his denim.
GGDB’s new blockbuster has come out, I have completely fallen, you feel it!

The golden Goose “dirty shoes” that are popular all over the world, should you try?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Golden goose’s “dirty shoes” are eaten by men and women. Song Zhongji, Luhan, Liu Wen, and Song Qian all pass through. The star is almost a pair of hands. The old details of the shoes are very durable, as if the traces of time are restored to the shoes. Above, although it looks a little dirty, it is very fashionable, which also makes it able to kill the fashionable from a few white shoes. Would you like a pair?

This pair of green-tailed dirty shoes “is the most familiar pair in the public. After all, in Song of the Sun, Song Zhongji wore it, and it seems that he also noticed it because of the drama. Then Golden Goose’s The little dirty shoes were a mess.

The first time I saw Li Yifeng was in June 15 years. I just participated in the Paris Fashion Week on Monday. I was wearing casual shoes, and my little dirty shoes were very comfortable. I added a small top hat to add a lazy taste. At that time, it was not a cadre. ~

Both Luhan Airport’s private shoot and the recording of “ I’m Going to School ” are worn, especially the pair of gold-colored models on the left, which is quite fashionable, and he really loves small dirty shoes and has worn it many times.

The cousin who loves all kinds of sports shoes will certainly not let go.Using it to match the khaki trench coat and jeans, is casual and fashionable, and even if it is a little dirty, it will not lose the sense of exquisiteness.

Beijing airport street shot, wearing a Thom brown check suit, stepping on cheap golden goose“little dirty shoes”

Golden Goose’s small dirty shoes not only have a variety of styles, but also a lot of high-top design models.This pair of Song Qian’s feet is also very popular.With mid-socks, the fashion is instantly up, and Song Qian is full of street feeling.

Golden goose deluxe brand cream leather Francy high-top sneakers. Round toe, lace-up, logo on tongue, ankle, signature star appliqué detail on side, flat rubber sole.

The low-key poems also pass through.The pair of blue and white colors under her feet are very fresh. The orange star pattern and the blue contrast are very beautiful. Any pair with denim is very good. If you are interested, you can go to the brand’s official website to understand There are really many color schemes and styles.

Golden goose deluxe brand gold star Super star sneakers. Round toe, lace-up, logo on tongue, flat rubber sole, brand logo on insole, signature star appliqué detail on side.

Gucci & Tencent sign strategic cooperation agreement; small dirty shoes Golden Goose valued at 1.4 billion euros

Gucci & Tencent sign strategic cooperation agreement

On December 2, GUCCI is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent. According to the agreement, Gucci and Tencent worked together to formulate a digital strategic framework to jointly lead the innovation and development of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, data science, intelligent retail, content generation and digital thinking.

It is reported that the “Gucci Inspiration Map” short film series is the first result of this strategic cooperation, and also the first original content project created by Tencent in cooperation with a boutique brand.
The short film series has a total of four steps, inviting Li Yuchun, Ni Ni and Wu Lei and other influential contemporary Chinese art and creative workers and Gucci have collaborated with talents from the world’s diverse creative field to perform and explore Gucci Gucci The core values ​​of brand diversity, self-expression, inclusiveness and community connection, which have been advocated, have exceeded 64 million since the official broadcast on Tencent Video and Gucci China ’s official platform on October 11. Hot topics on Weibo Discussions reached 440 million.

Italian light luxury brand Golden Goose attracts multiple bids, valued at 1.4 billion euros

According to Reuters, citing sources, the US private equity giant Carlyle Group plans to sell the Italian light luxury brand cheap golden goose, which has attracted multi-party capital bidding, including Vans parent company Fuwei Group and private equity fund Permira, with a valuation of 1.4 billion euros.
Permira, a potential buyer of Golden Goose, is planning to sell its shoe brand Dr. Martens, and Golden Goose’s current owner Carlyle Group is one of the bidders.