When golden goose shoes meet Malone beauty crying shoes

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

I finally helped my Golden Goose GGDB shoes find his girlfriend Malone souliers. My Malone souliers are custom made. This London brand has previously held custom events in Hong Kong, so you can match different materials on the strap Heel shoes. I chose a relatively heavy load this time, blue glitter and white belt, the whole feeling of Alice’s Dreamwalking. I like it very much. These are a pair of very thin high heels, which are also quite comfortable.

As for her boyfriend GGDB cheap golden goose, I bought it last year. I had too many white sneakers, so at that time I didn’t know what happened and I chose the whole one. Because I usually like the simple style of wearing, a pair of white T-processing suspender jeans with this pair of glittering golden goose, the whole feels alive.

Occasionally picking a pair of shoes or bags that jump tones will brighten your entire shape. These two brands have a lot of supporters in ins, you can go and see.


cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

It was the first pair of shoes I bought during pregnancy. The prices on shopbop and farfetch are not friendly after the year (average price is around 3000).

After receiving the goods, I didn’t feel very surprised. It was actually a very ordinary pair of shoes, but … no … ever … look at the third picture. After I took out the 3cm insoles, the Chinese people saw it. Do n’t start with a pair? This is really a pair of high heel shoes that look very natural

Many people did n’t say that my legs became thinner after I wore them out, but they all said, eh? !! Why are you tall
Let me talk about comfort. For people like me who often wear casual shoes, this pair of superstars from golden goose is definitely not my top3 in terms of cost performance. People who do n’t have thick backs usually wear 36 yards. This pair is also 36 yards It ’s a little crowded when you put it on your front and back. Maybe it ’s better

Not every cheap golden goose has an inner increase. It is understood that currently only the SUPERSTAR I wear has an inner increase. The others are ordinary flat shoes or shoes with a few centimeters at the bottom.

In addition, before I bought this pair of shoes, I saw a lot of other small red book users’ sharing. I found that Golden Goose’s biggest discount was around Black Friday and Christmas, and the price was within 2000. If you have Golden Goose, If you are interested, you can follow these two time periods

Don’t buy Golden goose

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Don’t buy cheap golden goose

The golden dirty goose’s dirty shoes have been red for years

I never thought it looked good

My husband has laughed at my short legs recently.

Decided to buy Double Dwarf!

Considered McQueen’s little white shoes

I think the increase is too obvious

I ’m afraid it ’s too bulky.

Mid-year e-commerce discount in North America

Just entered this pair in ssense

The classic black-tailed and blue-tailed ones are less bright.

The details of this pair, including the sole, are fluorescent green.

Poke me in one glance!

The toe is not frosted, so it will not look very old or dirty.

And this pair has a stronger discount, with a 28% discount.

I do n’t think there ’s anything special after getting these shoes.

I found it on the feet

Comfort is also good ~

I’m 36 plus size, usually Converse wears 5.5

This pair bought just 6 yards

The only dissatisfaction is that the packaging of the sense is really careless

No shoes in the shoes

When you get it, the folds of the toe near the duck tongue have been pressed.

Fortunately, it was originally an old model, otherwise I really have to consider returning it …

The brain powder of golden goose is me

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

This pink star is my fifth double

The previous two pairs are in the previous note ~cheap golden goose

The height increase within three centimeters is my favorite, showing leg length!

These three pairs are of different models and were bought at the Hang Lung counter. Superstar is the most classic model, but I think the leather is hard, but it is best to use it.

This vstar velvet is good for autumn and winter. The velvet feels very high, the shoe mouth is relatively shallow, the exposed ankle will be a little more, and the legs are thin.

I also wore Gao Bang almost every day last winter. It ’s not cold in the south to wear thick socks.

This shoe really wants to go in every season. It is good-looking and good-fitting. It is suitable for casual girls!

Golden Goose / GGDB small dirty shoes

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

I have n’t seen you for a long time.

Here comes a wave of small dirty shoes, which is the shoe paper I have long dreamed of.cheap golden goose

Feels dirty, but the upper legs are really knocking

So I bought shoes with my girlfriend, although I ca n’t compare with others, but my girlfriend opened a physical store. Every time I go to her stall, I ca n’t cut it.

I have kept a pair of silver tails for more than a month. I feel that each pair is hand-washed and painted and waxed. It is a unique little white shoe. I think the three colors look good It was almost two weeks before I decided to buy the silver. There are couple size codes in three colors. He intends to retain the red star for the male ticket. But he doesn’t like it. You give an idea. Is it black or red star?