cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

A fashion brand has been accused of ‘poverty appropriation’ for selling worn-out trainers that appear to be held together with tape.

Luxury label Golden Goose is selling pairs of the pre-distressed trainers with tape across the front and back of the shoe.

The sneakers, which were originally launched in 2016, are being sold in a new colour on the label’s website for an astonishing Euro 420 or £372.
The brand has labelled the shoes ‘vintage-inspired’ with a ‘tape trim at toe and heel.’

Venetian brand Golden Goose has come under fire for selling ‘distressed’ trainers featuring mock tape for £372

They are part of a collection by the Venice based label with pre-worn soles and a ‘dirty’ exterior, with prices still start at £290.

The trend has sparked outrage online over the past 24 hours with people accusing the company of ‘glorifying poverty’ taking o Twitter to share their disgust.

Joon Lee tweeted ‘We’ve already got a problem if any clothing description says ‘crumply, hold-it-all tape details a sneaker.’
Another Twitter user commented ‘This is the world we live in. The rich imitating the poor.’

The luxury label has been accused of ‘glorifying poverty’ with many pointing out that for some this is a reality not a fashion statement

The trainers, which were retailing for 420 euros now appear to have been removed from the Golden Goose website following the backlash
Holly Wilson posted ‘That is not COOL – my mother and her siblings ALL HAD TO WEAR TAPE on their shoes to school. My grandfather was fighting in WW1 & WW2 and there was no money for shoes.’
Zoe Watson tweeted ‘Talk about rich man poor man. The fashion industry at its absolute worst. What’s next? Makeup to make you look like an addict?’
Following the backlash the Venetian brand appears to have removed the taped trainers from its website, as they are no longer in stock.

Outraged Twitter users have shared their disgust on social media describing the brand as ‘extremely distasteful’
MailOnline has contacted cheap golden goose for a comment.

Bizarrely this is not the first time the brand has come under fire for this particular shoe which was first launched in 2016 in a shade of pink.
Scottish comedian Limmy was the first to criticise the brand at the time which he called ‘poverty appropriation’.

The brand has previously launched the style in 2016, in a shade of pink (pictured), causing equally as much outrage back then

Scottish comedian Limmy was the first to criticise the brand at the time which he called ‘poverty appropriation’

The ‘distressed’ shoes were widly mocked on Twitter with many comparing them to a range of clothes featured in the US comedy film, Zoolander.
Zoolander follows a narcissistic model played by Ben Stiller. One of the clothing lines he wears is called ‘Derelicte’.
However, despite the widespread backlash the brand has continued to renew its distressed line of shoes from season to season.