10th anniversary of GGDB, the more “dirty” the more children

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

The more dirty you are?
Today, a pair of white shoes is standard. Instead of trying to grind a new pair of shoes into second-hand goods, it is better to directly come with a “story” attribute.
I still remember that last December, Beijing Sanlitun Taikoo Li North District settled in a new brand-Golden Goose Deluxe Brand from Italy. Despite being the first store to enter China, the popularity of GGDB is not low. Remember the “Descendants of the Sun” you followed? Opel Song Zhongji’s stepping standard comes from GGDB, this brand has also become a hit, causing a rush of shopping for fans.

To tell the truth, if it were not for the close-up of the lens, I wouldn’t have noticed that Song Zhongji, who was leaning against the hospital wall and waiting for Song Huiqiao, was wearing such a pair of old dirty shoes. In the private photos that followed, the national husband also wore all kinds of GGDB styles, and also appeared on the cover of the Korean version of fashion Bazaar. After consolidating its exposure, the brand also laid the foundation for future market expansion. The GGDB is very recognizable. Every “dirty mark” is made little by little by shoemakers on professional equipment. The old ones are not heavy.

No, not long ago, in order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the birth, GGDB specially launched a limited edition of 1000 luxury capsule series, and also invited skateboarding enthusiasts to make an exclusive short film, starting a legendary journey of “return to the moon’s surface” .

The 10th Anniversary Limited Casual Sneakers released this time adopts avant-garde embossing process, and the body is printed with bronzing letters. The advanced shoe box is also equipped with universal gadgets designed for skateboarding, including a first aid kit, golden tape for shoe repair, shoe brushes, sandpaper, and more.

GGDB also held grand 10th anniversary limited capsule series launch events in Tokyo, Seoul, Milan and New York. In addition to the tenth anniversary limited edition casual sneakers, the capsule series also includes a variety of items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and bomber jackets.

GGDB founders and designers Francesca and Alessandro Gallo’s curiosity and exploration of the unknown journey have brought them a continuous stream of creative inspiration. Ten years ago, as soon as the first pair of GGDBs was born, they quickly gained the popularity of hipsters all over the world and successfully ranked among the luxury goods. This has extremely profound significance for the brand.

For years, they have been finding a balance between retro style and modern design. But when it comes to why people are pursuing this dirty sneaker, it is not so tenable by design. A few years ago, Faye Wong also wore a golden version of cheap golden goose at the “Hurry That Year” press conference. In 2015, “Where is Dad?” Waiting for celebrities have already made a round on Weibo because of wearing star shoes. These star effects have guided consumption.

Although the production process of Golden Goose actually went through waxing, brushing and other processes, not artificial wear, but some consumers still said that they could not accept this dirty feeling