430 pounds shoes to praise poverty? Is this a misunderstanding of poverty?

If you’ve ever heard of a luxury brand called Golden Goose, then you are already an intermediate player in the fashion industry.

The brand, which was born in Italy in 2000, was founded by husband and wife couples Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo.

Without technology, thanks to enthusiasm, this little couple has made sneakers one of the fashionable benchmark brands.

Compared to other high-end fashion sneakers, the biggest feature of Golden Goose is: older than you, dirtier than you, worse than you.
In 2016, with the popularity of “Descendants of the Sun”, many people’s once, Song Huiqiao’s current husband, Song Zhongji, pedaled a pair of dirty and dirty shoes, which brought cheap golden goose to fire in Asia.

Who can imagine that these shoes that have not been washed for several years cost more than 3,000 yuan?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

How to take care of these shoes?

Is this pair of disposable shoes?

Buying a pair of ordinary shoes and going to the streets and alleys on a rainy day, isn’t it the same effect?

In a word, this brand makes people who like it jealous and those who can’t read it feel like they beep.

These days, Golden Goose has been quarreled in foreign media again.

Because, because they have a new product!

It looks like this:

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

It is still dominated by old, and it is getting older.

It’s like a male student who loves sports next class wearing it and played it for three years, because he was too lazy to wash it, and it smelled of it was discarded in the trash.

One day, a tramp passing by caught his eyes on these shoes.

“Like, you can still wear …”

So he took it home, stuck it with tape, and wore it for another three years.

(Wu Bai: Come here, drink this cup, and three more …)

Say this pair of shoes, isn’t this style!

As soon as this shoe came out, Golden Goose and people in the fashion circle gave praise and regarded it as “a tribute to poverty”.

poverty:? ? ? Hello?

However, such “tribute” made many (poor) enthusiastic netizens unhappy.

“Okay, poor.”

“If you have $ 530, you might as well donate this money to the homeless. This pair of shoes is another insult to the poor.”

“These shoes are really rude.”

“Okay, okay, at least they post.” (It’s ironic)

Anyway, such a slam by netizens gave Golden Goose a new exposure.

Now it’s not just people in the fashion industry who know the existence of this brand.

Poverty is just like ordinary people, and they know how to get closer to the trend.

“Mom, what about my bad shoes ?! I want to wear them!”

“You wear it, you don’t have my mother.”

In the end, foreign objects notes can’t help but be lost in thought on the screen. Do ordinary people really need a pair of more than 3,000 shoes to remind everyone how realistic and profound poverty is?

Isn’t this really a satire and insult to the poor?