$ 500 dirty shoe maker Golden Goose could cost more than $ 1B

These $ 500 dirty shoes could be worth billions of dollars.

According to Bloomberg, private equity firm Carlyle Group LP is considering the sale of Golden Goose, a high-end fashion brand it acquired in 2017. The sneaker side of the sneaker looks dirty.

Famous Italian luxury brands such as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, who keep sneakers by such people, can earn more than $ 1 billion. Carlyle has reportedly invested in luxury brands such as ski jacket maker Moncler, and it has reportedly hired Bank of America as a financial advisor.cheap golden goose, Bank of America and Carlyle did not immediately return requests for comment from FOX Business.

Despite all the high-priced publicity, some celebrity fashion designers have refused to let their clients have a pair.

“If you pay me, I won’t let you buy. You can look like bullshit yourself.” Amanda Sanders, a New York-based fashion consultant, told FOX Business. “They look like dirty sneakers. People in the middle age can’t afford it, and children in their 30s and 40s don’t look like luxury to me.

In the past, the brand has been criticized for appearing to be “ridiculed of poverty.”

Despite the rebound, rich shoppers spend their money on worn-out shoes. Nordstrom sold a pair of $ 530 “Golden Goose” with stains and tape on them that seemed to stick them together. The website describes “bad leather sneakers” as “crumpled, tape that binds them together.”

Saunders said the quality of the shoes was almost worthless.

“That’s not to say that they are super comfortable, or that there is no extra padding in them. Nothing special. If I were to spend $ 700, I want it to look like it.”

People in the market have different feelings, a market that is enough for competitive designers to adopt this style: Gucci released a pair of sneakers that look like stains, and it costs $ 870, and Steve Steve Madden sold the worn-out sneakers for $ 178.

The best deal is probably in the secondary market. An owner is selling another pair on Poshmark for $ 55.