7 fashion style shoes

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

There is no at least one pair of designer shoes, and the closet is incomplete. Even if you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on designer shoes, consignment and extravagant thrift shopping make it more affordable.

The right pair of fancy shoes can enhance your confidence and enhance your look. A newcomer to luxury shopping games? We have organized your fashion shoe guide.

7 fashion style shoes

Whether you like fashion high heels or comfortable and stylish sneakers, there is a brand-name shoe that suits your taste. Here are some amazing designer brands:

1) Gucci

The trademark portrait of Gucci will always remain fashionable. Its classic green and red and bee patterns are both recognizable and stylish. You can choose from low-embroidery sneakers with iconic prints and colors, or leather loafers with gold “G” bi-metal fittings. This Italian fashion house introduces a new style while maintaining its high quality craftsmanship.

2) Christian Louboutin

The statement about Christian Louboutin is not enough. Known for its iconic red sole, Christian Louboutin is the main fashion staple. Pair it with a pair of versatile So Kate or elegant Pigalles for a bold, modern look. Want a super avant-garde look? Shake a pair of Bianca platforms.

3) Jimmy Choo

If you raided Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, you will definitely find the pair of Jimmy Choo. This brand is about comfort, practicality and style. If you don’t know which Choo shoes to pick this season, choose classic pointed pumps.

4) Parisian family

Balenciaga has been a highly sought after brand for many years (exactly, since 1919), but recently they have become mainstream. Every fashion blogger and influencer can’t put their hands on Speed ​​Knit sneakers and ultra-thick Triple S sneakers (also known as dad shoes). The styles of the Balenciaga sneakers are unique and remain unchanged.

5) Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood used to be a model, and he turned fashion knowledge into a glamorous brand. The most famous shoes in his eponymous collection are classic Madison platform shoes and cute Melly sandals. Every pair of shoes in the collection will make you feel like a Hollywood star.

6) cheap golden goose

Is killer high heels not your style? cheap golden goose is designed for people who want comfort and style. This luxurious sneaker brand has a dilapidated look but still maintains its expensive quality. Want a pair? Their best-selling products are low-top Superstar sneakers with a star pattern on the sides and leather trim.

7) Common projects

Looking for another luxury sneaker brand? The general project is it. Common Projects is known for its minimalist design. It communicates with sneaker wearers. They don’t like beautiful designs, but are eager to buy high quality and low profile shoes. Their clean and simple “primitive Achilles heel” is the most popular.

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Nowadays, there are more than a list of fashionable designer shoes, and there are thousands of brands worthy of your collection.