A pair of expensive “dirty sneakers”, what is it?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

The “Fairy Wind” fashion circles are always shocking (jing), joy (xia)
The Golden Goose “dirty sneakers” that hit the universe a while ago
Also tested the psychological acceptability of the editor
And euros, Swiss francs, and Chinese yuan
If I didn’t believe Huli,
Song Zhongji’s Person (yan) Product (zhi)
I do n’t believe it
The expensive pair under his feet was scary and dirty
“Dirty sneakers” is actually
Intentionally drip ~

You are expensive

Ran Goose
What does Parkway’s team do
You know
Twelve zodiac signs in the office
Tell you in turns
Buy hurry buy hurry
Wow ~ so many people chasing “dirty” shoes
You don’t want to know his “dirty” and your “dirty”
Your missing corner and my missing corner
Is there anything different
Me (inner OS): Hey ~ who is chasing “dirty”? !!

Because cheap golden goose is shoes are all
purely handmade
Shabby marks are brushed and waxed by hand
So every pair of shoes is “dirty” different

The leather of the shoe body is quite soft
Toe suede texture
Italian craftsmanship is very wearable
It ’s intentionally dirty and does n’t need to be washed.
Can be worn for many years ~
I (inner OS): Well, this abacus is good ~

It’s a couple from Venice
(Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo)
Created in 2000
Swept the fashion and entertainment circles at home and abroad
Selena, Jude Lu, Iron Man Gwennis
Ouba Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk
And domestic Faye Wong and Yang Mi
All its super powder …
And hand-worn, nostalgic style
Super stylish
you ……
Should I buy it or not?
Me (inner OS): So many advantages, can you say it again?
Those “dirty shoes” don’t need to be washed …
No need to wash …
Important things to say three times ~
I (inner OS): Well, “Ma Ma” no longer has to worry about my “dirty” sneakers ~

Unique craftsmanship
Unique missing corner
Unique colors, positions, materials
Unique … I …
I (inner OS): You are actually “dirty” out of domineering!

Alas, this stitch is not bad
The outline of this shoe is really good
This comfort level is quite high
Well, this “dirty” … is really different …
Me (inner OS): This dirty ash … did you accept it? !!

The usual tricks in fashion circles
“Heroin Fashion” and “Pretend Avant-garde”
And the shadow of graffiti art
Kawakubo’s deliberate hole is also different

I (inner OS): You are so “dirty” so culturally …

Cover up the charm with dirty
Cover with deliberate “dirty” layout
I like this selling point …
I (inner OS): Mysterious like your Scorpio …

I want me free
Get dirty
I (inner OS): You are unrestrained in your life

I like
I (inner OS): This sentence is ambiguous. Don’t blame me for getting dirty ~

The ash on the shoes is the trace of people walking
This is not a “dirty” sneaker without a story
Me (inner OS): You sell shoes if you want to sell them, don’t tell me feelings …

Attentive audience
I knew there was one missing sign
I do n’t understand the meaning of “dirty”
What’s wrong, anyway, I’m still dedicated
So many small ads

I’m still very professional
I know that the sales of GGDB “dirty sneakers” in 2014 have reached 48 million yuan
60% increase compared to 2013
49% sales growth expected in 2015

So, did Xiaobian buy or not buy?
To understand the trends of this world, you still have to follow its beat
Therefore, Xiaobian also decided to give it a bad smell