Awesome, Tang Yan’s fashionable “smart” is just a T-shirt!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

I wonder if you ever imagined that one day, in a noisy place, turned around and found that the “aunt” selling vegetables was actually Tang Yan? !!

This is not a joke. Recently, the star producer Wei plans a short personal video-“Tang Yan is glad to meet you”. For the first time, Tang Yan tried the role of producer, removed the aura of stars, and personally experienced 12 different professional identities.

In the program, Tang Yan was earnest and unscrupulous, so that everyone realized that every job is not easy. The “molasses” also praised her by leaving a message: “Super excellent sugar!” “Warm heart candy, positive energy ~”

In order to facilitate work, Tang Yan is very simple and plain to wear in the show, it can be said that it is a T-shirt to go global

When working as a shop guide, Tang Yan wore a low ponytail and was wearing a Skechers T-shirt clean and neat.

How much does Tang Yan love T-shirts? Just look at her daily personal service. In INS, wearing a T-shirt and taking selfies with her friend Wang Guan, she feels very casual.

Even if you wear it at Bimei Airport, your favorite is still that comfortable T-shirt. An Alexander Wang striped T easily wears boyfriend style.

This set of Etre Cecile note embroidered black T-shirt + black pants will be a bit dull, adding a eye-catching baseball cap like Tang Yan will have highlights

The lower body is replaced by a leather half skirt, which is sexy and unpretentious, and a handsome T-shirt. No wonder Tang Yan is so fascinated by it

White T can be said to be a must-have item in summer. It is ok to use it with pants or skirts when you are in a hurry.

How can Tang Yan with so many beautiful Ts not share it with everyone, of course, the little cutie do not have to struggle to find Tang Yan with the same paragraph. The intimate F-jun will help you sort it out, and go to order directly if you like ~

T-shirt + jeans can be described as the summer’s ace partner. This set of look Tang Tang shared in INS is fresh and temperament. The purple T-shirt is from the Italian tide brand cheap golden goose

Although Golden Goose’s flagship product is sneakers, simple, street-ready clothing is also worth a try. This purple pattern T-shirt is full of mystery and avant-garde in summer. Remember to mark this little cute who likes ultraviolet light.
In addition, Studio Concrete also has a digital T of the “1 TO 10” series. From one to ten, you can contract your dress for a week, worry-free and fashionable.

So many Tang Yan have the same beautiful T that you like? Seeing that summer is half over, and you still don’t have any fashionable T-shirts, hurry up and restock it ~