Be kind to those who wear little dirty shoes, after all, they are not too sick

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose
  1. People who wear small dirty shoes are “tide-makers”

Are you still wearing little white shoes? It’s really out! GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND: Italian brands are best known for those leather shoes that are deliberately worn and look dirty but of high quality. They have basically become one of the most common items of celebrity personal service.
In a typical “tissue Korean drama”, from the plot where the hero and heroine first met in the hospital, he gave the heroine Song Zhongji a big close-up of his sneakers, and then, what, then, as long as the hero in the popular Korean drama passed through the same This section will always be fired with a tendency to cover up the ears, let alone the national idol “Big Soldier”. If you don’t look closely, you think it is the green-tailed Adidas clover or Converse that has been worn for too long and gets dirty. Yes, but because of looking at the face it is “dirty and pretty”.

  1. People who wear little dirty shoes are very prone

This is an Italian brand Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. This kind of “dirty shoes” with soil tamping and grey marks will cost you a pair of four to five hundred knives, which costs 2500-3500 yuan to get such a pair of dirty shoes Will help you throw away the shoes.

  1. People who wear little dirty shoes don’t like “dirty”

Every pair of cheap golden goose shoes is dirty and unique, because the traces of each pair are made by hand. In this way, if you love shoes, you will still study “how to clean shoes”, and with this pair of dirty shoes, you will no longer wash shoes, and instead study “how to make shoes dirty naturally”. So there are a lot of little white shoes, a lot of little dirty shoes … one pair one pair to get dirty! ?
Speaking of which, it is no wonder that so many people like small dirty shoes, not blindly following the trend, but more of a culture, a love of craftsmanship. Whether you like it or not, Xiaobian is going to accept this dish ~