Big hot luxury goods – C4N detailed Golden Goose-GGDB small dirty shoes why fire?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

If you haven’t heard of the ggdb brand, you must have seen this pair of small dirty shoes with a star logo. Today, I will tell you about the ggdb little dirty shoes that all the stars have planted!

Why is it called dirty shoes?

Golden Goose is called cheap golden goose DeluxeBrand, and GGDB is also its brand from Italy. Many people think that this is a shoe brand, but in fact they also cover clothing, bags, etc., but the shoes are best known, especially the unique old style.

GGDB combines Italian elegance with traditional British handicraft techniques. It is hand-washed and smeared, so it is not exactly the same. Now it has become a brand that many stars and fashionable people are looking for. This series of shoes, from the upper to the sole, has been worn out in various parts, and different styles have different old styles, so each pair of shoes is very unique and very exciting.

Why are small dirty shoes so hot?

GoldenGoose specializes in recreating vintage materials into original products, combining traditional meticulous tailoring and attention to detail to create stylish, comfortable and elegant men’s and women’s clothing, accessories and shoes.

Moreover, the explosion of small dirty shoes is still because of a Korean drama “The Descendants of the Sun”, Song Zhongji in the film on the foot of Joe sister, and then because of the TV series of the popular broadcast also set off a wave of foot. In addition, there are Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Lu Han, Lin Yuner, as well as Li Yifeng, Wu Yifan and other fashion leaders who have gotten on these little dirty shoes.