Biography: Former Gucci creative director Frida Giannini returns to join Italian trendy shoe brand Golden Goose

It has been nearly five years since Frida Giannini and her husband Patrizio di Marco have respectively left the creative director and CEO of Italian luxury brand Gucci.

Since then, the Italian designer has experienced a period of silence, but the industry has been talking about the possibility of her return to the fashion industry. Earlier, Frida Giannini told the media: “There may be some interesting new news this year.”

According to foreign media sources, in recent months, Frida Giannini has played an important role in the design department of the Italian light luxury tide shoe brand Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (Chinese translation: “Golden Goose”, hereinafter referred to as “Golden Goose”). Said to be behind the scenes designer responsible for the design of some of its product lines. It is worth noting that her husband, Patrizio di Marco, joined the brand as chairman of the board in September last year (see the “Gorgeous Chi” report: personnel movements. Former Gucci CEO serves as chairman of the Golden Goose board, creative director of the British luxury brand Joseph and CEO replaced at the same time).

Regarding rumors of cooperation between the two parties, the Golden Goose brand side did not deny: “According to the policy, Golden Goose will not comment on rumors in the market.” At the same time, the brand side further stated: “The company’s outstanding performance benefits from internal creative staff. Working with consultant designers. “

This remark is also in line with Frida Giannini’s attitude on the comeback plan. “I really miss the opportunity to work with a group of people who have the same passion and passion as I do. I lack the dialogue, Competition and passion. “

In addition, it is difficult to predict how the relationship between designers and brands will develop in the future. On the one hand, Frida Giannini will not seek a global position like Gucci; on the other hand, Golden Goose is also in a delicate position at the moment: It is rumored that the brand is facing another change of ownership.

According to people familiar with the matter, U.S. private equity investment giant Carlyle Group plans to withdraw from luxury sports shoe brand Golden Goose (see the “Gorgeous Chi” report: Valuation over 1 billion euros, Italian light luxury wave brand Golden Goose will Carry out a new round of capital operations). It is reported that Golden Goose’s bidding process is expected to begin between the end of this year and the beginning of next year. According to the data, the largest potential buyer list includes private equity firm Advent.

Golden Goose was acquired by U.S. private equity giant Carlyle Group in 2017, with a transaction valuation of up to 400 million euros at the time, which was Carlyle’s fourth major investment in the European fashion and clothing industry (previously Carlyle invested in brands including: Italy Luxury down jacket brand Moncler, Italian fashion brand Twin Set and Dutch underwear veteran Hunkemöller).

After being acquired by Carlyle, Golden Goose formulated a new business expansion and distribution plan. On the basis of maintaining the steady growth of the sports shoe business, it strengthened the development of the garment business, at the same time improved its sales network and opened more direct-operated stores. (For details, see the historical report of Hualizhi: After being acquired by the Carlyle Group, Italian light luxury trendy shoe brand Golden Goose has vigorously expanded its direct sales channels and plans to open 70 new stores in 5 years.)

Golden Goose’s current valuation may be around € 1 billion.

Golden Goose was founded in 2001 in Venice, Italy by Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. The brand mainly features old-fashioned high-end trendy shoes. The main feature is casual sports shoes made of high-quality leather, mostly decorated with the brand’s iconic five-pointed star. The pursuit of global trendsetters. Product categories include ready-to-wear, footwear, and accessories. Golden Goose has flagship stores in multiple cities around the world, including Venice, New York, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Beirut, Saint-Tropez, Amsterdam and more.

Golden Goose’s controlling stake has changed hands several times. In 2013, the Italian private equity fund DGPA SGR acquired 75% of the brand’s equity for 45 million euros, and the remaining 25% of the equity was continued to be held by the brand co-founders Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo; in 2015, DGPA SGR transferred its equity to Cyprus Investment company Ergon Capital Partners III; In 2017, Carlyle acquired the entire equity interest in the brand, with a transaction valuation of up to 400 million euros. (For details, see the historical report of Hualizhi: Italian luxury tide brand cheap golden goose changed hands, Ergon Capital became the largest shareholder; The Carlyle Group confirmed the acquisition of the entire equity of Italian light luxury tide shoe brand Golden Goose)