brain goose of golden goose

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

The brain powder of cheap golden goose is me
This pink star is my fifth double

The previous two pairs are in the previous note ~

The height increase within three centimeters is my favorite, showing leg length!

These three pairs are of different models and were bought at the Hang Lung counter. Superstar is the most classic model, but I think the leather is hard, but it is best to use it.

This vstar velvet is good for autumn and winter. The velvet feels very high, the shoe mouth is relatively shallow, the exposed ankle will be a little more, and the legs are thin.

I also wore Gao Bang almost every day last winter. It ’s not cold in the south to wear thick socks.

This shoe really wants to go in every season. It is good-looking and good-fitting. It is suitable for casual girls!