Breaking through the traditional aesthetic, small dirty shoes have done it

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Since the birth of the dirty shoes, many people have questioned it. From the aesthetic acceptance of incompetence to the popularity of various husbands in major Korean dramas, it also experienced a small twist. However, it became popular after it became popular, and it also replaced the little white shoes’ status.

Little dirty shoes deeply adhere to a fashion concept, “Only fools go black all the way. If they are not to be replaced, they must be different.”

cheap golden goose is full name is GoldenGoose Deluxe Brand, of course, which is often referred to as GGDB, is a brand from Italy. This brand is not just a simple shoe brand. It covers categories such as clothing, bags, etc., but in all categories, footwear has its own style, and it has become the most well-known.

The old style of the shoes is impressive. At the same time, it combines Italian elegance with traditional British hand-polishing, washing and painting. Therefore, there are no two pairs of shoes that are 100% identical. Fashionistas and celebrities love it for one reason.

No matter at home or abroad, the actress’s love for small dirty shoes has not been two or three days. Numerous airport street shots have the appearance of small dirty shoes.

In addition to the actress, each of the popular small fresh meat is also a favorite for small dirty shoes.

Small dirty shoes change our aesthetics, making us feel that “dirty” looks good, not only because the husbands and small fresh meat are so simple to pass through. In our inherent conception, new shoes are meant to be flashing, white, and bright. What’s different from the past is that the small dirty shoes are “old” as soon as they are born, and the understanding of “it” satisfies all the “low-key” and distinctiveness you are after.