Brooklyn Beckham shows why the best sneakers

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

One of the most polarizing trends today is the look of dirty sneakers. Gucci started when it showed dirty sneakers on its 2018 resort show, when clumsy runners were deliberately covered with dirt. Since then, this filthy aesthetic has evolved: the Italian label is now even sold covered with crystal coverings, talking about fusion and low, and like other luxury brands, the cheap golden goose high dusty style, recently on board, a line Sneakers in a similar finish.

The whole exercise made the new box-type sneakers look like a tired idea. Instead, it was a pair of gr-foot shoes that looked like they had been worn and loved to the point of collapse. is it Hygiene? Maybe not. But admittedly, it looks cool? the strange thing is! Now, Brooklyn Beckham is pushing these r-foot sneakers to a higher level.

Beckham attended the “About Town” conference in London, England, with his stylish girlfriend Hana Cross in a transparent lace top last night. On his feet, a pair of Vans low-top shoes that were once white were stained to faded yellow with some deep stains on them-can’t be solved with bleach! ! It’s unclear whether Beckham’s shoes were purchased this way or the result of natural wear. Still, he designed these tricky shoes in his signature chic fashion, wearing newsboy hats, striped buttons, white T-shirts and carpenter-style pants.

Is OCD too behind Beckham’s dirty sneaker proposal? let it go. But in the next few days, consider dropping shoe cleaners. Let the coffee stains in. A little bit of life.