Come on, come on! This is a little “dirty” article with a great story!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Recently, the Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” has been on the air. Maybe you have also been stunned by Zhong Ji Ouba, who is a good girl of yours.

But this is a drama with a beautiful face and eye-catching flesh. The plot where the male and female met for the first time in the hospital gave the protagonist Song Zhongji’s sneakers a big close-up-without careful look, like green tail Stan Smith got dirty for too long, but “looks dirty” because of looking at his face.

How many times have we been upset
Can’t clean the white edges of canvas shoes
And they wore “dirty sneakers”
But the most unexpected thing is
These “dirty” shoes that your mother wants to throw away for you

The fire is out of hand!

And this is not the first time that small “dirty” shoes have appeared in Korean dramas. In the 2014 Korean drama “Pinocchio”, the actor Lee Jong Suk wore a pair of posters for the entire drama; the “Cheese Trap” that occupied the hot topic “The heroine also passed through several times.

Let ’s start with cheap golden goose, the originator of “dirty” shoes. Golden Goose ’s full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, which is named after the fairy tale from the Grimm “Golden Goose”. Helping an old man finally turned into good luck.

Two Italian designers, Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, who are full of humor, also like the concept of storytelling. In 2000, they created this fashion brand full of fashion and humor.

The most famous “special product” of the Italian brand Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (GGDB) is the small “dirty” shoes. This kind of “dirty shoes” with their own signs of wear and tear is priced at $ 400 to $ 500. It costs 2500-3500 RMB to get a pair of shoes that are so dirty that your mother will throw them away for you.

In street shooting, GGDB’s “dirty” shoes are very common. Recently, she has become the most popular celebrity on the Instagram. Selena, Jude Law, “Iron Man” heroine Gwennis, Faye Wong, Kimura Takuya and almost all front-line Korean stars-Jin Xiuxian, Lin Yuner, Pei Xiuzhi (including the above Several of the Korean drama protagonists mentioned) and so on, are often worn in private.

This global brand, shoes come down to two characteristics:

Regain freedom

At first glance, it looks like a huge pentagram, but don’t easily conclude that this is a pair of Converse. Golde Goose’s logo is also a five-pointed star. But the difference is that Converse’s stars are circled, and Golden Goose is released.

The five-pointed star regained freedom can appear in different positions of the shoe as desired.

  1. “Dirty” is mine

When you see some well-dressed street shooters or stars, wearing a pair of dirty sneakers, don’t doubt, it must be Golden Goose! It looks dirty, but this is actually the design principle of Golden Goose. “Dirty” is the main theme. Most of the styles are made of old design. Whether it is white edge or upper, there is always a feeling that it does not look rubbed.

It is worth mentioning that Golden Goose is dirty, but it is definitely not dirty through real self-defilement, but an aging effect that looks like a war, contaminated with smoke, and takes a while to reach. Rather than trying every means to make a new pair of shoes really become second-hand goods, it is better to come directly with a pair of “story” attributes, very recognizable GOLDEN GOOSE is full of force.

In the first pair of Golden Goose, most of them will choose the classic color of white, leather black tail, gray stars, which are the most common match for street shooting and advertising. Moreover, whether it is paired with jeans, shorts or skirts, this color matching will not have any slight difficulty.

A friend said that his Golden Goose was left outside for many days without anyone stealing it. Is this an added benefit?

In the same style of Golden Goose, each pair of dirty ways is different, as if everyone walked differently, and the contamination was different.

Different styles of different styles:

GGDB handmade by Italian craftsmen, not only the uppers are hand-stitched, but also the old treatment of shoes, but also by the craftsmen, on a special equipment, made a little bit. In this way, not only will the “dirty” of each pair of shoes be different, but also the shoes will not be damaged before leaving the factory.

“Dirty” sneakers
Faye Wong has always been a loyal member of Golden Goose. When people caught her at the airport, she always wore dirty sneakers with different colors.

American actress Hilary Duff, a healthy and lively screen image, really matches Golden Goose.

This hot girl Jane Aldridge is a thunder collector in the fashion industry, but she is also a fan of Golden Goose … probably tired of wearing high heels and want to relax.

In various types of street shooting, Da people also do not shy away from their love of Golden Goose.

Do n’t be scared by the value of the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Oh. And the older and the more fashionable, the straight male cancer can go chuckle, hurry to scan the men’s ticket for a pair of dirty sneakers!

High-top sneakers are a must-have item for many hipsters. The advantage of the Golden Goose is that its shoe shape will not be particularly narrow, making the legs look awkward. In fact, it has a zipper on the side, which is easy to put on and take off, and the design of the stars at the tail is also very pleasing.

Converse, which has always been said to be “dirty, good-looking”, also introduced a dirty limited edition in 2013, usually a pair of canvas shoes for $ 30 to $ 40, which cost $ 310.

Subsequently, designer John Varvatos also launched a limited mainline product in collaboration with Converse. The main feature is still the unique distressed small “dirty” shoes.

In March 2015, Converse, “Made By You.” Also used this as a marketing campaign. The exhibition opened to the public at Flatiron Plaza in New York, raising the number of dirty sneakers worn by artists, singers and consumers for a long time. To the level of art.

In January 2015, Saint Laurent’s spring / summer 2016 show also introduced white shoes with stains.

In the spring and summer of 2010, the well-known Japanese trend brand visvim also launched the old shoes SKAGWAY DENIM LO.

Speaking of which, many friends may ask, why does “dirty shoes” become a different fashion?

Regarding the old thing, most of the shoes that you want to achieve are now made by hand, so each pair is very dirty, although it may be a little funny to say this-you used to search for “how Wash my shoes “, and after this trend appeared, you should search for” how to make shoes dirty naturally “.

As the song “Your Backpack” sings, “That backpack, full of souvenirs and adversity, and the pattern left by friction”. The same goes for sneakers, you walk through the streets and alleys, leaving behind traces of years, it looks like you “are not a female classmate without a story.”

But some people definitely have to question, even if you walk through the streets, you can change your shoes when they are dirty, and you can change them if you do n’t clean them. Are the dirty ones unsightly?

This is actually the customary “trick” of fashion. It is like a word called “Heroin chic”. At the end of the 20th century, the fashion industry had a lot of “pretending to be avant-garde” designs to attract the public to buy. A position that is completely contrary to traditional aesthetics, covering up charm with filth. In the 1980s, the Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo used “deliberate destruction” of the machine to produce defective fabrics, and then air-dried for many days.

The book “The Philosophy of Fashion” also wrote: “When street elements were absorbed into high fashion and transformed by fashion designers in some magical way, it was no longer a simple street style, and its The price is hundreds of times more expensive. After the designer’s magic transformation, the dirty things in street clothes are no longer normal dirt. The dirt is only decoration, and no real dirt is allowed. “

The old thing has been around for a long time. Retro leather shoes have old technology, which makes the original shiny shoes not so serious, but also has some decorative details.

The simplest example is a “broken hole cowboy” that was not understood a long time ago. It belongs to a character that your mother will wash for you and help you make up or throw it away.

What used to be long-wearing workers for a long time and made the jeans appear white, brushed and torn, has evolved into today’s fashionable products. People have researched various ways to specifically destroy jeans, such as pickling, sand washing, and sanding, and many people are willing to pay a high price for this. And spending money on a pair of distressed sneakers is not a reason.

Sports and leisure have a high fever, and people are increasingly pursuing personalization. In addition, the same style effects of “hipsters” and celebrities in various countries, especially the strong cultural output of Korean dramas, and the rapid spread of social media. Such “dirty shoes” became so popular.

Having said that, for many people who do not buy pure white shoes and clothes, it may be because they are not easy to maintain and worry that it will be too ugly to become dirty. But at least such a pair of shoes that are already “dirty” don’t have to be careful after buying them, they will not change much after wearing them for a long time, and may be very attractive.