“Descendants of the Sun” My husband’s finale, you still have these little things to rely on

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

When “Descendants of the Sun” was only released in the third episode, it was far more popular than “Star You”. My favorite friend recently is the one who gave me a video app member account and password. The kind of people who have to wait for a week, but you see the satisfaction of the finale, is definitely higher than a bowl that is too hungry at night Instant noodles. Because some babies haven’t seen the big ending yet, there are not many spoilers. I just say that the last two episodes are really amazing.
          There have been too many talks about the national young husband’s sister-in-law skills and Qiao Mei’s frozen age, and so on. Let’s go straight to the topic today: the equipment chapter.

Golden goose
       Seeing one of the most grassy items I have now, I admit that I really saw this pair of shoes when I saw my husband wear it. Her husband joined the army three years ago to wear this brand.

Park Youtian wore this pair of pinks at the premiere.

         GOLDEN GOOSE, from Italy, founded in 2000. The full name is cheap golden goose DELUXE BRAND, and everyone in the circle refers to it as GGDB sneakers. This brand is considered a fashion brand, with a wide range of clothing bags and shoes, but “dirty” sneakers are the most popular.

       Two characteristics of this shoe:

  1. People are really not Converse.
          Unfamiliar people will recognize Converse at first sight, because there is a little star. But the difference between Golden Goose’s star logo is larger and irregular pentagram. Converse’s star logo is relatively small, and the pentagram is straight. There is also the price: Golden Goose shoes are all handmade by Italian designers. After going through various old-fashioned techniques, they are said to be “gooses laying golden eggs”, and the price is naturally more expensive than Converse. That pair of Golden Goose money can buy five pairs of Converse.
  2. People really did n’t wipe it clean
           When you see some well-dressed street shooters or stars, wearing a pair of dirty sneakers, don’t doubt that it must be Golden Goose! Another major feature of Golden Goose is “dirty”. Most of the styles are made with old designs. Whether it is white edges or uppers, there is always a feeling of not rubbing.

     In addition, this year is the world of various sneakers, so what are you waiting for, babies, buy a pair!