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cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Golden Goose’s story. Self-taught designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo founded cheap golden goose in 2000. The foundation of the brand lies in the two designers’
In addition to their love of art, they also have the spirit of Italian tradition and their appreciation of British tailoring. Gallo and Rinaldo did not receive orthodox fashion design and tailoring training. Their knowledge and technology were learned in different workshops in the early days of the brand.

In addition to stars and popular Korean dramas, big-names also love this little dirty shoe. Saint Laurent’s 2016 spring and summer show also launched this white sneaker with stains. The dirty texture is a bit lazy. The breath has suddenly become a weapon for street photography, which shows that this is already the current trend.

Half of the stars really ignited the entire earth,

The descendants of the sun stir up the chemical reaction like pouring oil on the fire.

In the “Descendants of the Sun” drama, Song Zhongji and Song Huiqiao wore these pair of star shoes when they first met, but when the male and female host first met in the hospital, he gave the protagonist Song Zhongji’s sneakers a big close-up, dirty The sneakers exuded the indulgence of the male lead inadvertently, and it is no wonder that the shoes will be hot.
And as early as the 2014 Korean drama “Pinocchio”, the leading actor Lee Jong-suk wore a pair of posters for the whole show. Before “The Descendants of the Sun” went online, the heroine of “Cheese Trap”, which occupied the hot topic, also passed through several , Be regarded as a high rate of shoes. The logo of the half star is very high. Each pair of GGDB is sewn by the old craftsman with a stitch and a thread, and is made through a special distressing process. Therefore, each pair of shoes is different from the original. If it is the kind The untouched coolness,
There are still many colors to choose from! Song Zhongji’s husband rises together!
Silver heel pink is women’s shoes, other red blue green black is men’s and women’s shoes!