Dirty sneakers and dirty pants, Standard for men

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cheap golden goose

From the “size” of the newspaper kiosk in middle school, the dirty boys knew that every pair of sneakers has soul. Just like new sneakers must be stepped on, a pair of dirty sneakers is no longer a simple shoe, but rather enriches your experience and journey.

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In order for everyone to have this unique experience, you don’t need time to prove it. Moms no longer have to worry about your shoes getting dirty, because the shoes were originally set to be dirty-is there anything cooler than “buying is old”?

Therefore, it seems that the dirty shoes that have not been washed for several years have replaced the clean white shoes and become a new generation of explosions.

 Gucci 2018 early spring

Even big brands have begun to make new “old shoes” in batches, and each pair seems to be flipped from a used stall, but we will still buy soil for a month. Not only do you get wet when you wear small dirty shoes, you no longer need to brush your shoes.

What used to be goodness as new, now seems to run counter to fashion.

However, “little dirty shoes” look dirty, but they are clean. In comparison, a sect among jeans enthusiasts is even harder: their jeans are never washed, they are really dirty. They are famous urban cattle farmers.

 Nordstrom has also launched dirty-looking dirty jeans

To raise a cow is to let a pair of jeans fit your leg shape and walk perfectly after years of wearing.

Cattle breeding is similar to that of antiques. It is also a game that only high-level jeans players can understand. It’s just that pan string walnuts use hands, while pan jeans use legs and body curves.

Since then, an unwashed pair of jeans becomes an extension of your body’s memory, and can be worn for decades.

Dirty colors, love me longer

What can you think of when talking about “grey”? Gray-faced, dirty face, grey ashes, heart full of despair, gray … In short, “gray” is not a positive energy color.

However, in the fashion circle, dull and even dirty gray is undoubtedly the most advanced representative, and fashionable people who do not have fifty degrees of gray in the closet are also fake and fashionable.

The popular colors after the high-level gray have never been cleaned. These gray, soft and neutral colors have become the favorite of trendy boys.

The hottest ones are “dusty pink” and “ash green”-just by the name, there is a dusty temperament.

For a while, everyone on the street was fighting for such a dirty boy. You don’t even need to buy new clothes that are co-branded or co-operative. Not washing clothes is the greatest respect for the trend.

In fact, in the past few years, the fashion circle has spared no effort to copy and copy the street style, from ripped jeans to gray-faced earth. So it can also be said:
It ’s not that the dirty boy has become fashionable,
But the fashion trend has long been “dirty