“Dirty” to the fashion world? This is something to do!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

About the fashion circle, even the editors often look down!

Tear your pants and half your clothes

The tie should flutter in the wind, the sleeves should be like singing a big show ~

Even the shoes need to be dirty!

Huh? Are you talking about that dirty shoe?

Yeah! It is the Italian brand GGDB that has been popular in the wave of crooked nuts for a long time!

Perhaps the GGDB saw many stars in China put on, I believe and recognized the Chinese market, this time finally opened a physical store in our large Beijing Tunli! Isn’t it exaggerating that the five-pointed star is going to play Converse?

Of course, at the opening event site, we need to invite the powerful idols fashion Nai Liang and Li Xiaolu. I heard that Jia Nailiang is a loyal fan of GGDB, and I had to buy it before I bought it.

On the day of the event, our anchor Linda and stylist fil Xiaobai came to the scene. For this GGDB fan, it was from the heart!

There are countless dirty shoes on the scene, it depends on who is dirty. The latest model is unobstructed!

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Chinese limited edition 50 pairs of casual shoes ~

Who brought the dirty shoes into the tunnel?

Without them, I think you and I would not be brainwashed by “dirty shoes”!
Guan Xiaotong, Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Tian’ai, Zhang Xinyu, Yuan Shanshan, Xu Weizhou, Yang Mi
I want to admit that when I first saw it, I refused. . .

Why are dirty shoes?
Have the same star, have to beat Converse?

“Little Dirty Shoes” also has a very tall name, cheap golden goose, which is literally translated as “Golden Goose” by Italian designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. What’s more surprising to the editor is that these two designers are still typical of self-taught. Both Gallo and Rinaldo have not received orthodox fashion design and tailoring training. Their knowledge and technology were in the early days of the brand’s establishment. Learned from the workshop. I’m a good guy, it really is two masters who don’t follow the routine, no wonder I don’t understand.

Golden Goose was founded in Italy in 2000. Because these two self-taught designers are not professionally trained, they are more courageous than the average designer to push the boundaries and dare to make new attempts. Those leather shoes that are deliberately worn and look dirty but of high quality are also the fruits of this design concept, so their dirty shoes are made by hand, but they look dirty. (It’s good to be clean inside!)

Don’t look at it as old, but the craftsmanship is superb. This unique style of distressing is a combination of Italian elegance and traditional British handicrafts. Polishing, washing and painting are all handmade, so there is no exact polishing. Each pair of Golden Goose has its own uniqueness. In addition to the unique design, the materials and cutting are also very detailed, ensuring the perfect unity of fashion and comfort.

Among the many “dirty sneakers”, the green star-like Super Star series has always been quite popular. The soft leather upper and suede toe, plus the Italian shoe-making process, whether it is contours or stitching, are all valuable reasons, and they have also been well received in terms of comfort and texture.

The retro navy style in the Super Star series is also very popular. Summer is here. You can’t go to the beach. At least wear a navy style “dirty sneakers” to feel it!

There is also a favorite of street shooters, blingbling, which becomes the “focus” of the crowd in a second! Whether it’s paired with jeans, shorts, or skirts, this color matching will not be at all difficult.

There are also gems behind this, but the pearl is not bad, it is really beautiful!

Write here, the lazy editor can’t wait to start a pair, why? Finally no need to wash your shoes! Even if I traveled thousands of miles, I was “dirty” and my fashion ~