Do not buy these shoes, do you mean Zhongji husband? Those items that have become explosions in those years

Recently, “The Descendants of the Sun” burst into red, and the national favorite Song Zhongji’s favorite small dirty shoes also appeared in the field of vision. These dirty and lovable Golden Goose shoes, many stars are wearing, how can they not enter a pair? Can be regarded as “love”! But because of the film and television works, it is not only an example of this. I think about the “explosion” that we have pursued together in those years!

“The Descendants of the Sun” Song Zhongji Shoes: Golden Goose

What is the origin of this little dirty shoe? Founded in 2000, cheap golden goose is the full name of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, a young Italian brand created by Francesca and Alessandro Gallo. Although they are not born in the class, they use their passion for fashion and art to build their own brand. This brand is best known as “dirty”, but this “dirty” is a dirty, the process of dirty new shoes is done by hand, making the shoes comfortable and old-fashioned.

Superman vs Batman Wonder Woman Pack: Valextra

The main dress of the woman in this scene is J.Crew Regent blazer, white minimalist design and deep V design to make Wonder Woman’s image very capable and sexy. The necklace brand comes from the UK. This golden necklace runs through all the costumes of Wonder Woman, which is very eye-catching. The bag comes from Valextra in Italy and is a top luxury brand known for creating quality leather goods.

“Mission Impossible 4” Léa Seydoux package: prada

Prada’s Saffiano bag was carried by Moana in the movie Mission Impossible 4, covering the pistol and the diamonds. The eye-catching triangles appeared on the big screen many times, and each time they were attracted to the dark theater. A low-level exclamation – PRADA! So this bag instantly burst into red!

Jurassic World Bryce Dallas Howard Shoes: Sam Edelman

How many people watched as the female master stepped on the same pair of high-heeled shoes and dinosaurs, and went out into the jungle without pressure, and ran on the legs, and finally won, which is definitely a good news for a woman who loves beauty.

“You from the Stars” Quan Zhixian Lipstick: YSL52 square tube and 105 lip glaze

In the hot Korean drama “You from the Stars”, Jeon Ji-hyun used YSL 52-color lipstick and No. 105 lip glaze, and these two are full of popularity, and almost all the counters were out of stock and out of stock. .

“Ace Agent” Colin Fiss Umbrella: Swaine Adeney Brigg

Kingsman’s umbrellas feature polished chestnut wood handles, solid wood shafts, wide black umbrellas and gold-plated finishes, and an exquisite K-shaped embossed logo. They are produced by Swaine Adeney Brigg, the UK’s top umbrella manufacturer known for its handmade craftsmanship. It is synonymous with exquisite and durable, low-key luxury. Like the Huntsman suit, the customers of the Swaine Adeney Brigg umbrella are also spread throughout the British royal family. Colin Firth did not hesitate to pick an umbrella among all the props in the film.

“Tiffany’s Morning” Audrey Hepburn Skirt: Givenchy

This little black dress was designed by Givenchy for Hepburn. Givenchy designed almost all the costumes for Hepburn. His designs are deeply rooted in every Hepburn film. Hepburn said this sentence: ” Givenchy’s clothing makes up for the lack of my deductive role, they make me more confident, as if acting like what. And this little black dress has become the most representative of Hepburn’s film career. image of.

“Top Gun” Tom Cruise Sunglasses: Rayban

“Top Gun” continues the role of Hollywood inspirational films. It is precisely because of this that the US Navy ushered in the highest rate of enlistment after World War II, and a large number of young people joined the ranks of the Navy. In this film, Tom Cruise’s Ray-Ban mirror style is popular in the United States, making this sunscreen that belongs to the pilot a fashion item that the public loves.