Don’t brush! Sneakers are fashionable!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

what? Don’t say you don’t know about dirty sneakers! This pair of GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND ran through the streets and alleys overnight. A large part of the reason is because …

Yes, it ’s your husband. In the Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun”, which is too hot, Captain Liu wore such a pair of “dirty sneakers” when the male and female owners first met in the hospital.

You know, the same type of protagonist in popular Korean dramas will always become popular quickly-this is not, this pair of “dirty” is divine, and the “dirty sneakers” that are likely to be picked up by a clean mother will be So, however, in fact, this pair of “dirty sneakers” has been popular in the fashion circle for a long time, whether you can appreciate it or not, what is popular now is this dirty fan.
In the 2014 Korean drama “Pinocchio”, the actor Lee Jong-suk wore a pair of posters for the entire drama.
Han Xing is sought after by various professors, and all of them have already passed through in “Star You”.

And Jude Law … By the way, let’s talk about this angle, I’m taking long legs as a second-level disability … By the way, the Mediterranean is also more obvious, eh.

Iron Man heroine Gwenyth Paltrow also likes these shoes ~

The goddess Faye Wong also wears these “dirty sneakers” everywhere.

And all the fashionistas …

why? why?
A pair of dirty sneakers
Is it so attractive?

The story of “dirty sneakers”

Golden Goose is a brand created in 2000 by designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. The full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (GGDB). This name comes from in Grimm’s fairy tale. It tells the story of a happy boy living a happy life.

This couple in Venice, out of a shared love for sneakers, fashion and art, wanted to design some products that matched their dressing style. If you look at her husband’s dress, you will know a little about the brand ’s DNA—a little long hair, messy, bearded, and also dressed mainly in denim, leather, and motorcycle jackets—seems to be a pursuit It’s kind of cool.

They haven’t studied fashion design, and all the clothing knowledge and techniques are learned in the factory. Because of this, their thinking is not restricted by the traditional model, and they are more daring to think and play than ordinary designers.

The story is “dirty” on the upper
Golden Goose is dirty and dirty, but it is definitely not dirty due to long time or man-made destruction. It is old and gives people a feeling of being unsurprised after many changes. The old colors are mainly black and gray.

The same style of cheap golden goose, each pair of dirty way is different, just like everyone’s contaminated wind and frost, the story they experience is also different. The reason for this is because every pair of Golden Goose is handmade by Italian craftsmen.

Not only are the uppers sewn by hand, but the old treatment of the shoes is also made by the craftsmen on special equipment. In this way, not only will the “dirty” of each pair of shoes be different, but also the shoes will not be damaged before leaving the factory.
“Dirty sneakers” and “dirty” sneakers
stupidly can not tell?

One side of the Golden Goose shoes is often embellished with a pentagram that is missing a corner. The size of the corner and the size, material, color, and position of the star are arbitrary [because it is handmade], pay attention to [knock the blackboard] This random pentagram is the best way to tell if it is Golden Goose!

Among the many “dirty sneakers”, your husband’s favorite, the Super Star series that looks like a green tail has always been quite popular. The soft leather upper and suede toe, plus the Italian shoe-making process, whether it is contours or stitching, are all valuable reasons, and they have also been well received in terms of comfort and texture.

The retro navy style in the Super Star series is also very popular. Summer is here. You can’t go to the beach. At least wear a navy style “dirty sneakers” to feel it!

There is also a favorite of street shooters, blingbling, which becomes the “focus” of the crowd in a second! Whether it’s paired with jeans, shorts, or skirts, this color matching will not be at all difficult.

There are also gems behind this, but the pearl is not bad, it is really beautiful!

It is estimated that enthusiasts will collect all the popular models

In the past two seasons, we have seen too many brand new shiny white shoes, and the new style displayed in this new way looks like your favorite pair of old shoes. This makes everything look more stylish and precious, and of course comfortable.

Whether you like “dirty sneakers” or not, the ones that are already popular now are the “dirty fans” that many people can’t appreciate. This pair of “dirty sneakers” is like carrying on the stories and tribulations of the past. Wearing them is like walking through mountains and rivers and experiencing Yunjuanyunshu. This pair of “story” “dirty sneakers” is worth your collection.