Don’t want to buy street shoes that everyone has? In fact, Tang Yan Yang Mi Song Yu is wearing these little white shoes!

The “sugar candy” Tang Yan, who is always changing the package, is definitely the collector of the white shoes. It is also the “big family” who hits the shirt and hit the shoes, but it is indeed the wind vane for buying shoes!

The girlfriends party Yang Mi and one person and one pair Céline spring and summer series of PLIMSOLE small white shoes, the price of 4,000+ can not resist the desire to be fashionable. I still remember that the former designer Phoebe Philo loved to wear Stan Smith’s curtain call, and now his own white shoes have become a mix of holy products.

Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Di Lieba, Guli Naza, Ouyang Nana, Ni Ni, Song Wei, Song Jia

Céline PLIMSOLE vintage white sneakers 4,300

Just finished with the girlfriends, here Di Lieba is the same Roger Vivier white shoes appeared at the airport, the lotus leaf girl design is very picky in a few white shoes.

ROGER VIVIER Frilly White Shoes $790

And this pair of small dirty shoes, cheap golden goose, which was never bought, was once a “bigger representative”. Tang Yan and Gu Li Nazha were on the foot and were taken to the rhythm of the legs.

GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND leather sneakers 3,330

However, the shoes that I love to wear are not the above, but the pair of black-tailed Givenchy white shoes. The recent appearance frequency is especially high, and the simple classic design is very versatile.

Other colors are also very good-looking. The design of the leather surface is similar to that of Stan Smith and Alexander McQueen’s color-tailed shoes, but the “GIVENCHY PARIS 17” at the end of the shoe is still in place.

GIVENCHY Urban Street leather trainers $495

Compared to the “unpredictable” taste of sugar, it seems to be more preferred for the style with ruffles. In addition to the Roger Vivier’s ruffled white shoes, the Tory Burch is also favored.

I have to say that white and green is so fresh and energetic.

Ory Burch Ruffled Leather Sneakers $225

Ouyang Nana is keen on this pair of Ports 1961 white shoes with bows. The white Tee’s bow design echoes the upper, even the black and white match is full of girly feeling!

Ports 1961 White Bow Slip-On Sneakers $470

As for the star’s favorite little white shoes, it is a uniform nine-point jeans!

Ni Ni, Song Wei, Song Jia, the fashionable Hua Dan’s opening spring airport style, all take the “short jacket + nine jeans + small white shoes” routine, refreshing atmosphere.