En Ai Xiu’s “foot” is high in daily life.

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Whenever you talk about the popularity of kimchi’s national appearance, except for those CP dramas that are popular all over the country, who do you think of first? The first thing that the editor thought of was, of course, the long-legged Lee Min-ho Oba and Xiuzhi’s relationship reported in mid-March this year, and the news that our high-cold beauty girl Crystal Zheng Xiujing and EXO member KAI were in love reported in early April !! Thousands of fans and otakus should be heartbroken, haha ​​~

The editor was suddenly worried that our lovely Yuan Yongyi pretty sister, who was fascinated by Minho Oba, came ~~~~

Dirty sneakers are more than just a couple

The above two couples are both beautiful enough to show off the rich level. They are not only as good as the beautiful ones, but even the inevitable daily life between the couples-Xiu Enai is so consistent!

Looking through the street shots of Minho Oba and Xiuzhi, even if they travel alone, there is always a low-key and sweet tacit understanding among couples: clothes are always changing, and the same shoes are always being worn!

It turns out that this is the right way to open Xiu’enai! Still forcing her boyfriend to wear the same old-fashioned couple outfit with the same bright colors? Come to learn how Minho Oba and Hidechi put Eunsu on your feet!

A closer look, both Minho Oba and Xiuzhi travel like to use a pair of casual and comfortable Golden Goose star dirty dirty shoes to highlight the fashionable shape, and like the brand are Zheng Xiujing and KAI. Is it because the white shoes that have been in fire for several years can no longer meet the needs of the influx of people?

Looking at the fashion circle, it seems that there has been a little dirty shoes around the world since last year. Star bloggers have almost a pair of human feet, and they use a pair of Golden Goose sneakers to match various styles.

Of course, in addition to dirty sneakers, cheap golden goose also has other styles of star shoes:

Days later seems to have collected a dozen Golden Goose

See how hipsters match little dirty shoes

Small dirty shoes are not as versatile as small white shoes? See how the trendy people match:

1, small dirty shoes with leather tops, leather motorcycle bags or leather jackets, turn into the street cool handsome GIRL in a second!

Hobby girls, please choose your boyfriend-style trousers and sneakers carefully, it is easy to shift the focus of vision down and make your legs shorter. A super short pants on the lower body is great! Of course if you have long legs, I do n’t say …

  1. Did the dirty shoes hit the pleated skirt? And the sun embroidered baseball shirt? Tide burst on the street!

3, urban OLs and small dirty shoes can also spark out!

  1. Although you think the blogger Leandra Medine is not good-looking, others rely on the matchmaking skills of the fire to match the dirty shoes, but they come casually:

The silk nightdress and Choker sneakers are slightly lazy and sexy.

Blue shirt and white denim are more fresh

This is a brand with a sense of humor

There are countless pairs of dirty shoes in the house that are not worn. It is expensive to buy a pair of artificial dirty sneakers. No wonder moms don’t understand the fashion of young people now! Some netizens complained that they had spent five thousand oceans purchasing small dirty shoes that they had returned, and had been brushed by an unsuspecting mother haha ​​~

Want to know what charm these dirty shoes have? First we have to understand its brand.

This pair of shoes comes from the Italian handmade brand Golden Goose, translated into Chinese is “Gold Goose”, the full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, so it is also known as GGDB shoes. The name comes from the story of “Golden Goose” in “Green Fairy Tales”. It probably means that a farmer ’s kind and silly son got a golden goose because he saved a little old man in the forest. Finally, the silly guy was in the golden goose. With the help of his wife, he married the princess and became a grandma, and finally inherited the story of the throne to govern the country.

Is there a feeling that “all fairy tales are deceiving”? Although the content of the story is nonsense, and the brand named after the nonsense story also feels nonsense, but from this perspective, you can see the humorous and casual style of the founders of Golden Goose!

Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo are a husband and wife. They founded the Golden Goose brand in Venice, Italy in 2000, hoping to design products in line with their own style. The husband has a long, dirty beard and likes to wear a variety of leather jackets, dressed with a strong personal style.

The couple did not receive orthodox fashion design and tailoring training. Their knowledge and skills were learned in different workshops in the early days of the brand.

However, the lack of traditional training also makes them more courageous than the average designer to push the boundaries and make new attempts. Golden Goose is good at remaking vintage materials into original products, combining traditional meticulous tailoring and dedication to details, to create stylish, comfortable and elegant men’s and women’s clothing, accessories and shoes!

Therefore, today, with the popularity of little white shoes, a pair of Golden Goose’s dirty sneakers is famous for being “dirty”, with “dirty” as its personality, using “dirty” to highlight creativity, coupled with the strong cultural output of Korean dramas and the rapid spread of social media Overnight, such “dirty shoes” became popular in the fashion world, killing a bloody road in the dazzling fashion circle.

So what does a classic Golden Goose shoe look like?

1.The iconic notch star

Speaking of the five-pointed star on the shoes, it is easy to think of Converse, which has dominated the street film for a long time. Golden Goose sneakers have always been a five-pointed star as standard. Compared with Converse’s ringed five-pointed star, the five-pointed star on GGDB shoes is much larger, and it will definitely lack a corner, and may appear randomly on the shoes. Location (toe, middle or tail), high visibility!

2, “dirty” is not heavy

If you see a dirty pair of sneakers on the street short of star celebrities, chances are they are GGDB! Of course, some people may ask, what is the difference between these dirty shoes and other dirty shoes? Someone has left it at the door of the house for several days. No one steals it. Why is it expensive? !!

In fact, the “dirty” of GGDB is really not the same as stepping on the dirt while walking around the street in white sneakers. First of all, the traces of GGDB dirty shoes are black and gray. Some people say that this is a trace of experiencing war and wind and frost. I think this is a bit too deliberately artistic, but it is certain that every pair of GGDB traces It was given by an Italian craftsman, so each pair of dirty shoes must not be duplicated, just as each of us has taken a different path and experienced a different story (well, you are a good classmate with a story …)! Definitely not intentionally damage the product before leaving the factory!

3.Artisanal Italian handmade shoes

In ancient times, the inhabitants of the Italian peninsula were well-known leathersmiths, so the earliest handmade shoe workshops also appeared in Italy. For centuries, this traditional shoemaking process has been passed down. At present, 60% of shoe factories in Italy still insist on using manual or semi-manual methods to make shoes.

Today, many traditional handicrafts are being put on glass covers to enter museums, and “mass production” and “scale” have become keywords in the commercial field. Today, the number of 60% is really surprising. It means that the manual shoemaking process is Not only is Italy well-preserved, but it still has a strong vitality.

Each pair of GGDB shoes is made by hand in Venice, Italy. In addition to the unique black-gray distressing process, GGDB also has the characteristics of each pair of traditional Italian handmade shoes: soft and comfortable leather, simple and smooth outline, and neat lines.

Different from the products that are mass-produced by the assembly line, each pair of orthodox Italian handmade shoes requires the full investment and careful production of each shoemaker, which is more time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Many people don’t understand what is good about handmade shoes. They think that it is only a person who does the work of the machine. It takes longer and is more refined. They were completely wrong. The mechanized products only reached the standard, while the manual pursuit of perfection reflected the shoemaker’s pursuit of the ultimate craftsman spirit.

Seeing this, do you understand the reasons why GGDB is so popular all over the world and the astounding pricing?

In fact, today, when people consume a pair of sneakers, they are not actually consuming the entity of the sneakers themselves, but more the added value and psychological satisfaction that the shoe brand itself brings to us, otherwise a pair of ordinary high-quality sneakers can satisfy you All just needed, why bother spending huge sums to fill your black hole cloakroom?

The GGDB dirty shoes continue to be hot, and have not wiped out the small white shoes that the bloggers and fashion media chanted earlier, but in this rapidly changing era, we need different shoes to express our group personality and The sense of belonging to the group, while chasing the era of running, while being unique. At this time, even if you can no longer understand the “dirty” carefully prepared by GGDB, it will not prevent too many people from proclaiming their initiative through their feet.