Even Faye Wong, your husband Song Zhongji, wore small dirty shoes. Would you like to buy them together?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

When everyone is wearing and amway with various public account Amway white shoes and “Ode to Joy”, Apple will introduce a “dirty sneaker” to you today, yes, no joke is “dirty sneaker”, this year The more dirty your sneakers are, the more you feel! Even our high-profile Faye Wong has become a fan of it, not to mention that our husbands in Korean dramas such as Song Zhongji and Li Minhao have wore “dirty sneakers” to swagger across the market.

The queen Faye Wong, who rarely appears in front of the public, can lead the trend of fashion every time it appears. No, sweaters and trousers with a pair of dirty sneakers are so handsome!

When people caught her at the airport, Sister Fei was still wearing dirty sneakers, but the colors were different.

As a walking hanger, Yang Mi also wore “little dirty shoes” and ripped jeans in the street shooting of the airport, and she was invincible!

Your husband Song Zhongji wore these “dirty sneakers” in “Descendants of the Sun” and it was eye-catching.

Compared to ordinary white balls, this pair of dirty shoes has a more old-fashioned retro taste.

Li Minhao, who is also a member of the “husband gang”, often gets on his feet.

In “Pinocchio”, Lee Jong Suk is also a western outfit with a pair of old dirty sneakers.

Where is the “dirty sneaker” sought after by so many stars? It is the Italian handmade brand Golden Goose, founded in 2000 by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo.

It is not designed to look dirty and designed by the designer. Ten years later, it will be the same as the new one. The price is ~ 5 times + of our common canvas shoes.

Speaking of this pair of Golden Goose dirty sneakers in street shooting, many blogger stars have put on the street, and seeing their mix will make your handsome match a little more street sense.

Seeing so many street fashion hipsters and celebrities wearing them, you must be thinking that this pair of Golden Goose sneakers can be worn in the office? Rest assured, there is no problem with matching formal clothes ~

Some people may not like this old and dirty cheap golden goose sneakers, but some people like the traces of it. I have fallen in love anyway, how about you?