Extremely popular little dirty shoes are coming!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Fashion Goose Golden Goose
Stars’ darling “little dirty shoes”
Zhejiang First Store Enters 2F, Tower C, Hangzhou Building
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Although the white shoes and the dirty shoes are very different, Golden Goose is the more dirty the more “taste”. If you do n’t want to be replaced, you must be different. From this moment, let Golden Goose inject the unique soul into you !!

In 2000, the designer couple AlessandroGallo and Francesca Rinaldo founded Golden Goose. The brand draws inspiration from Venetian architecture, refines and interprets it through Italian craftsmanship, and officially opens the legendary prologue belonging to Golden Goose. Inheriting the handmade and perfect tailoring of Venice, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern art style, continuously condensing wisdom and ingenuity, showing a low-key and luxurious, comfortable and unique aesthetic perspective.

Golden Goose’s highly sought-after “Little Dirty Shoes” Sneakers series uses Italian high-end soft leather, hand-stitched, brushed and colored, etc. Behind each complex process is a steady stream of creativity and love. Hand-made oldness creates a sense of coolness that is not trimmed, and it seems to violate the rules, but it promotes its own personality. Unbreakable, born to shine, creating a unique luxury for Golden Goose.

Every pair of cheap golden goose shoes can be regarded as a work of art created after creativity and hard work. Golden Goose creates unique shoes to highlight your personality and taste under the premise of high quality, bringing you a kind of will A brave and risky attitude towards life.

As the first casual shoe type launched by Golden Goose in 2007, Superstar transformed the retro image into a unique hand-crafted artwork, and combined sports elements with the theme of leisure and luxury, which successfully established Golden Goose in the fashion circle. Unique position.

The Running Sole collection is the latest of Golden Goose’s new shoes, combining the dual style of sports and luxury. Breaking through the shackles of dynamic stars, blending casual shoes with running aesthetics, the re-evolution of iconic wear handmade shoes, the unique mix-and-match shoes are definitely a great artifact to go out.

Everyone is a unique individual. In the Hi Star series, Golden Goose takes unique concepts to a whole new level. Exquisite craftsmanship is interpreted through purely hand-made methods, and the increased inner sole design implies a higher perspective.

In addition to pursuing novelties, fashionistas often have a lot of reveries about retro items. If you want to pay tribute to the retro trend of the fashion circle, Golden Goose’s Ball Star series is your best choice. This series uses Golden Goose’s best hand-made old craftsmanship. The retro shoe design is paired with fresh and pleasant colors. Add a touch of color to your mix.

“Small dirty shoes” with unique soul are simple but not losing taste
No doubt it has also become a highly sought after protagonist in the fashion industry.

Golden Goose’s attitude of change
Interpreting the brand’s independent personality style and attitude
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