Fashion hipsters can’t escape the “confusion” of small dirty shoes, it’s not too late to grab Get!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

I believe that babies, like Xiaobian, are ecstatic when they put on brand-new shoes! So you have to be very careful when going out, for fear of a little carelessness, your shoes will be dirty.

But no matter how careful, the shoes will inevitably become dirty. Do I have to wash my shoes if they are dirty? So why are so many dirty shoes on the street dirty?

Dirty shoes, in the past, it was definitely the mother’s face changed when she saw it! Will be disgusted! Will get angry! It is a minute to kill the patient of Jiejiazi, and he will definitely cut off contact with himself!

But, for hipsters, this pair of shoes is a liberating true self! And the “dirty and old” style has become a new trend!

Dirty but story

Among the brands of dirty shoes, Golden Goose is the most famous.

cheap golden goose was founded in 2000, also known as GGDB, from Italy.

The founders of the brand, Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, are a Venetian couple. Out of a shared love for sneakers, fashion and art, the two wanted to design some products that fit their style of dress ~

The style of shoes is that every pair has been worn out and looks dirty, so it is called “dirty shoes”.

From sanding, washing, and smearing, Golden Goose’s dirtying of new shoes is almost all done by hand. And different styles have different ways to make old, so each pair is uniquely dirty!

When the white shoes become “little dirty faces”, like a naughty child who breaks into the quagmire, unrestrained and free and easy ~

With casual and casual T-shirts, it is full of freedom and joy ~

Xiong Naijin’s white T-shirt with denim breasted skirt, wearing dirty shoes on a skateboard, full of vitality!

In fashion circles, shirts are not just for women in the workplace, they can be handsome and neutral.

The dirty shoes are matched with the shirt, which not only retains the ability of the shirt but also breaks the seriousness of it.

Faye Wong can lead the trend of fashion every time he appears ~ two fake shirts and suit trousers, paired with a pair of dirty sneakers, handsome!

For many babies, who can resist the charm of skirts ~

The refreshing and eye-catching style can add a romantic atmosphere to the whole summer, with dirty and old canvas shoes, don’t have a taste ~

A suit-like uniform top, a zippered skirt, and a pair of dirty shoes at the feet, very college style ~

The sporty style of dirty shoes can perfectly neutralize the sweetness easily produced by large-area printing elements, which is more refreshing ~

The shoes are dirty and do n’t need to be brushed. Continuing the “dirty” cool fan style, let’s continue to be a fashionable tide ~