Fashion Office ,Withered, envy Cui Xueli’s girly sense

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Shirley once again caused heated discussions because of the ins photo. After the New Year, some photos with friends were released. The angles and expressions of some photos were fascinating …

Online evaluations are different. After all, everyone ’s aesthetics are different, and the understanding of control films is definitely different. But COCO noticed that the younger sister is still looking good online.

After a sudden change from person-to-person, Cui Xueli also became a magical player in the Korean entertainment industry. Although the scale is unlimited, it seems that netizens have outsourced her. After all, this face that is purely combined with desire is really annoying!

Recently, she was picking strawberries again, which is “fresh” than strawberries.

Shoes from cheap golden goose

In addition to private life, a reality show “Truth Store” has recently been launched. Shirley runs a Pop-up store as a representative in the show, operates and sells products herself, and reveals her daily life.
At the last pop-up store event, she also cooperated with her endorsed brand Lucky Chouette, designing several clothes and canvas bags, and the process was very serious.

Shirley wears clothing in collaboration with Lucky Chouette

The collaboration design of Shirley × LuckyChouette is full of childlike style, colorful, and looks like a young girl wearing the upper body.

After the show aired, the frank new image felt like attracting a new wave of fans, who doesn’t want to see the beautiful younger sister!

Cui Xueli has always been pure and cute, and the cooperation model follows the route of a skateboarding girl, but now Shirley has also started to try out the looks of many mature women in the Mori Department.