Favorite golden goose

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

The golden goose, also known as cheap golden goose or ggdb for short, is an Italian brand. The characteristic of the shoes is that the natural “dirty” comes with old effects. It is also known as the small dirty shoes. There are many imitations of dirty shoes. The first pair of dirty shoes I bought at first was a pair of three hundred dollars. The style is also very good. After I bought the authentic product, it was out of control. I like it. After buying the first pair, I don’t want to buy another brand of shoes.

ball star series This series was started by me recently. The shoe size is too large, 36 size is more suitable for 37 feet. The characteristic of this series is that it is not too old and not so dirty. Little girl with pink laces (haha although I am an old aunt)

The V-star series of shoes I think is similar to Converse, that is, the feeling of canvas shoes, and then I bought this pair of matte leather silver shoes tongue, very versatile, you can wear it on foot, and you can walk Comfortable feeling. This one I started with is also 36, the shoes are more stylish ~

 The fancy series is much larger than the ball star. I think I should wear 35 for both of these series. I started with 37 because the price was very good. Insoles. The side of this series is zippered, and Gao Bang can also wear it in winter

 The super star series, which is the most common style of small dirty shoes ~ more classic, this pair is special because the shoes are made of velvet material, very fashionable ~ velvet has been very popular in the past two years. Purple is more suitable for autumn

It is also the super star series. The highlight of this pair is that the silver tongue and turquoise tail are suitable for spring and summer Tang Yixin.

 super star series This is the first pair of ggdb in my life. This one is also the one I wear the most. Yuan Shanshan

Haha, there are a few pairs of shoes that are a little bit black. Actually, I did n’t wear them like that. My black socks were dyed by my friends. Why are your shoes so dirty? Not buying black socks ~ Hope to gather 9 pairs of summoning dragons as soon as possible