[First Store] Golden Goose | “Little Dirty Shoes” Drive

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

2016, “Descendants of the Sun”
Not only did Zhongji Ouba crown “national husband”
The “dirty shoes” he put on in the show
He was born with Hengkong
Make Fashion Bloggers in the World Desperate
Until now
“Little dirty shoes” is still a weapon to quickly improve personal fashion sense
Fans also remember the Golden Goose brand
The highly recognizable half-star logo
Spring city is cool and bright in summer
It is the peak of popular singles coming out of the street
Kunming Hang Lung Plaza as the city’s trend show
This summer also welcomes the arrival of Golden Goose
Not only satisfy our passion for “little dirty shoes”
more importantly
Living for the high-end trend of Spring City
A comprehensive new experience into Italian handmade luxury brands
In 2000, the designer couple
Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo
Taking inspiration from Venetian architecture
Extracting energy from Italian charm
Officially kicked off the legendary prologue of Golden Goose
Stick to Venice handmade and perfect tailoring
Fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art
Constantly unite wisdom and ingenuity
Show both trendy and luxurious
A comfortable and unique aesthetic perspective
Golden Goose’s highly sought-after “little dirty shoes”
Made of high-end Italian soft leather
Hand-stitched, brushed and colored
Behind every complex process
Is a constant stream of creativity and love
Hand-made old to create a sense of coolness
Seemingly violates the rules, but in fact promotes personalities
Do not break, stand, shine
Create a unique sense of luxury for cheap golden goose
Vintage fascinating Venice wallpaper
Iconic LED Neon
Personal and playful display
Together create a sense of space with a modern urban style
Bringing new visual feasts and multiple sensory enjoyments to customers
Golden Goose walks unwaveringly
Travel between city and nature
A leaf quietly covers shoes
Independent adventure, oxidized to “gold”
Gorgeous transformation into Hi Star series
Why step by step?
Put on Hi Star and go forward is “Rome”

Golden Goose Hi-Star Collection
It’s like no two leaves in the world are the same
Every random sketch is natural.
Raising soles highlights mavericks
Shine luxury quality temperature

Golden Goose Running Sole Collection
Breaking the dynamic star
Re-fusion of sneakers and running aesthetics
Logo wear, traditional craftsmanship
Create a Unique Running Sole Again
There are no contraindications to living self

Golden Goose Running Sole Collection
“Small dirty shoes” with unique soul
Simple but without losing taste
Represents an independent, uninhibited attitude
For a long time, it is no different from white shoes.
Become a highly sought after protagonist in the fashion industry
Song Zhongji and Jin Xiuxian in Golden Goose
Luhan in Golden Goose
Sheng Yilun, Bai Yu in Golden Goose
Xueli Cui in Golden Goose
Tang Yan and Liu Wen in Golden Goose
A must-have for celebrities and fashionistas
Golden Goose’s attitude of change
Interpreting the style and attitude of the brand’s independent personality