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cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

The Italian brand Golden Goose was founded in 2000 by designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. The foundation of the brand lies not only in the love of the two designers for fashion and art, but also in the spirit of Italian tradition and their appreciation of British tailoring. Main Italian handmade shoes, clothing, accessories. The design is mainly based on distressed texture to create a vintage feel, simple but flavorful.
Once launched, it not only attracted much attention in the fashion industry, but also attracted a large number of stars.
Golden Goose’s soul product is sneakers. For the production of sneakers, Alessandro and Francesca have a common design idea: reprocess the retro materials, and then combine the traditional manual cutting process to handle the shoes. Although it is a new-generation tide brand, it still inherits the fine tradition of Italian shoemakers. Therefore, every detail of every pair of Golden Goose sneakers we saw was hand-stitched by the craftsmen. Each pair of shoes is not Similarly, both monochrome and sequins are full of personality. It’s not difficult to understand why the same shoes, Golden Goose can not converse three octaves.
His family has a lot of product lines and clothing. Today we talk about shoes, let’s talk about their soul sneakers (board shoes).
                          Analysis of the characteristics of shoes
Not afraid of dirty:
At this point, it’s a long way to throw other shoes. Hahaha.
The appearance is shabby and old. It seems that the dirty sneakers that have never been washed by the owner are actually not caused by real stains, but by special old methods: every pair of cheap golden goose “dirty” sneakers are After brushing and waxing by hand, it can achieve the realistic effect of moderate wearing and wearing. And each pair of shoes is different, the left foot and the right foot are also different distressed marks.
The small white shoes are not only dirty but also difficult to see as new, which is not suitable for our daily lives.
       This little dirty shoe wins!
Not afraid of shortness:
Although traveling in sneakers is comfortable, it is a tangled choice for a girl who is not so confident in her height. Therefore, there are always girls who choose to wear high heels when they are supposed to step on sneakers for their beautiful long legs . Considering this factor, the two designers of Golden Goose can really say that they are designing every shoe from the perspective of consumers: if I do n’t say, you will know that this shoe is actually Does it come with an increase in 2CM?
Not afraid of ordinary:
For the trendy men and women, the scariest thing to wear is that they have no recognition and change passers by the minute. Therefore, in addition to using the old effects to achieve a tramp and hip-hop style, Golden Goose also uses eye-catching LOGO to create a unique personality. Although Golden Goose also uses a five-pointed star as the main LOGO, but The designer did not deliberately place the stars in a round frame like Converse, but presented it in a freely spreading form, and usually its five-pointed star logo deliberately lacks a corner to appear on the front, middle, and rear of one side of the shoe. The material is also cowhide and suede, so the recognition is quite high, and it can be recognized all the way. This undoubtedly strikes the sensitive nerves of the fashion trend people.
Stars are sought after, fashion style:
European and Asian global stars are all fans of this brand of shoes. Many little fairy “husbands” and many otaku “goddess” are wearing it. They can easily enjoy the same paragraph with their idols. Other people’s star models are not sold, others have the same models. Because there are too many stars. Wear everything. I have the same version of Luhan. . . Song Zhongji has the same paragraph. . . And so on. Hahaha

 Little dirty shoes are the spokesperson for fashion. They are very comfortable and different from each other. So I bought it again
Xiaobian’s own dressing feeling is very good, and his shoes are versatile, whether it is suits, skirts, jeans, casual, can be worn.
I wear this brand of shoes regardless of long distance travel, business trips, shopping, and work. Comfort and fashion coexist. Also my heart is good!
The classic models are low-key and simple, and look good. Trendy, colorful styles are more suitable for fashion pros. As for the choice, it depends on my personal hobby.