From Bai Yu to Jolin Tsai, why are the stars crazy for Golden Goose shoes?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

If you follow the trend, then you will definitely call crazy for a “dirty and broken” Golden Goose dirty shoes. Unlike the uniform white shoes, each pair of Golden Goose dirty shoes is uniquely dirty, exuding a tide of coolness on the whole body. Although the Golden Goose dirty shoes look “dirty” and “broken”, they are also good-looking “dirty” and advanced “broken”. Otherwise, how can they attract the attention of celebrities in the world and just want to pick it.
Golden Goose’s full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, which was established in 2000. The brand designers are Francesca and Alessandro Gallo. Although they are not from science, they put their passion for fashion and art into the brand. Every old shoe is waxed and washed by hand, so the shoes made are absolutely unique, both retro and comfortable to wear. It is no wonder that once launched, it swept the world at lightning speed and became the hottest in the world. One of the global sports shoe brands.
Whether it is a domestic star or a foreign star, you can always find the figure of Golden Goose shoes in their street shots, such as the prince Yi and Zhu Zhengting from the variety show “Cuppet (Idol Trainee)” that burst into popularity at the beginning of the year. To Bai Yu starring in the recent search for “Soul” by Ba Ping, to Cai Hou Lin and Tang Yan, both are loyal supporters of Golden Goose’s dirty shoes.

It is also the QUEEN in the shoes of Korean dramas. In addition to the “Descendants of the Sun” with fire, the sister who has recently been so sweet is in love with the Korean drama “Pretty Sister invited me to eat.” Goose little dirty shoes. On how to successfully get the meal of a beautiful sister, maybe the little dirty dog ​​Ding Haiyin has the same dirty shoes that you deserve.
So what’s so special about the cheap golden goose little dirty shoes loved by many stars? Come and watch with me ~
Golden Goose Superstar Classic Sneakers
Among them, the most popular is the combination of the white upper and the gray missing star in the picture below. It can be said that there are all necessary shoes for international superstars and grassroots bloggers. Quietly revealed that I can’t stand the temptation of its charming dirty handsome myself, and started a pair on SHOPBOP. (Good to wear and cool, the wall cracks Amway!)
Miss Kat Kat Sinding, a world-renowned fashion blogger, can be said to have loved these shoes, from spring and summer to autumn and winter. Since encountering Golden Goose’s little dirty shoes, other glamorous shoes can no longer see her eyes. Don’t believe it, there are pictures and truth!
There are also Miss Tang Yan, Reba Girl and Spicy Mama, etc. A small dirty shoe like this is also an essential classic for their personal service! Of course, there are many other super star bloggers who wear these shoes, I will not list them one by one, after all, Golden Goose has super fashionable shoes besides this pair.
Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers
The Golden Goose dirty shoes are not just off-white, the Superstar in the color series is also loved by the stars. Each color has its own personality and is a different firework. Seriously, if it weren’t for the lack of wallet balance, they would all be artworks in my shoe cabinet.
The younger brother Ling Chao and the younger brother Qiao Zhenyu from “The Doll” put on Golden Goose’s yellow dirty shoes, a gentleman and a cute one. Which one do you like?
Tian Hou Cai Yilin used light purple Golden Goose small dirty shoes, paired with shorts sweater and ripped jeans, and then put on a cap, full of fun!
Golden Goose Superstar glitter sneakers
The Golden Goose dirty shoes from the Blingbling series are also very popular. Ambilight sequins are scattered throughout the shoe body. It seems that wearing it can change into a little fairy walking on the stars in seconds. This pair of shoes is available in several colors, such as blue, silver and so on.
Golden Goose DB casual sneakers
There is also this leopard print small dirty shoe, although it is a bit difficult to match, but it can look very high-quality. After wearing it, I feel like a little leopard with both wildness and trend.
Let’s take a look at the legendary street shot of the Queen Queen of Goods on the streets of New York. The black match is actually quite bland and unattractive, but she cleverly put on a pair of leopard shoes and instantly suck Eyes. The whole is refreshing and clean, full of tide.
There are really too many fashionable shoes for Golden Goose. If I am going to introduce them, I may have to write them for three days and nights. Therefore, I mainly recommend the 4 styles that I personally prefer. For other styles, you can go to the Golden Goose official website and Haitao website to see. However, I recommend buying from Amazon’s light luxury Haitao website SHOPBOP. After all, I bought them at their home. There are newcomers with discounts that are much cheaper than the official website. The disadvantage is that sometimes they will be out of stock. Partners quickly go to see if the styles they like are available. In the end, I hope you can buy your own pair of shoes! Than heart ~