People are not fans of these $530 “Crumply” worn-out sneakers.

Italian luxury sneaker brand Golden Goose launched the pair of $ 530 sneakers, which look dark, worn and have duct tape decorations, described on the Nordstrom website as “loose, can be wrapped together” tape”.

Design is an impromptu speech on the “distressed” fashion trend, but some shoppers believe that the new sneakers are deliberately worn and taste bad, especially when viewed in an environment that looks like shoes, because of the economic downturn. Not a style trend.

Some disgruntled shoppers enter social media to eliminate what they consider to be hoarse fashion.

As of Thursday afternoon, Twitter user Christine Sydelko’s tweet criticized the shoe style for nearly 50,000 compliments.

However, this is not the first time the brand has been criticized for its bad style; two years ago, cheap golden goose was criticized for its similar style, with tearing laces and a stylized “guide belt”. At the time, the company issued the following statement to the American magazine: “Our company is proud to emphasize its pioneering role in opening up the market.” The Venetian brand said in a statement to the American magazine: “This is one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry today. “The tape reinforcement material that appears in the [Superstar sneakers] style pays tribute to the skater culture on the West Coast. – Professional skaters inspired the brand’s footwear collection from the start and used the same tape to repair their shoes. ”

Some other Twitter users have renewed that the brand has been designing this shoe for years.