Gol iden Goose sells shoes with “allnclusive” tape; what are we going to do next?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

When my children wanted “distressed” jeans, I barely let them into the house. When they tried to discuss the torn jeans, I refused to give in. No, I didn’t pay for clothes that lacked a large piece of cloth. No, I won’t allow them to get rid of their jeans. In the case of who blinked first, I am happy to report that I won. But this latest fashion makes me really worried. A few days ago, my son went to play, I happened to look at his sneakers. They are very dirty. I want to give you his mother. I gave him a look and asked him why he didn’t wash them. He looked at me and said, “If I tie them up with tape, they will cost $530 (on the day I wrote this article, it costs just over 38,000 rupees).”

When I opened my eyes, he picked up my phone happily and searched Google on Google Golden Goose sneakers with a crumpled tape that tied everything together. And he is really not cheeky. A pair of dirty white sneakers were on display. What is it in my world, telling the children that they are fortunate enough to have sneakers first, and then have all the utensils to protect their children. Am I troubled? Dirty, crunchy and worn out are very popular right now. This doesn’t require much effort, isn’t it? The company that sells these sneakers, fashion brand cheap golden goose, described the other pair of laces in the collection as “dyed shoelaces, severely worn, worn and marked soles.” Therefore, my son may only need to wear the same white sneakers to go to school, about four Saturdays, without having to wash shoes, will he become fashionable?

So, what do Golden Goose designers think of when they think about this? Probably they were sitting in their upscale office and completely lost their idea of ​​turning poverty into fashion. Or is it trying to let the rich taste the lives of the poor in some unfair way? In this way, when a rich child comes out of his limousine and finds an unemployed, when he wears “same shoes,” he smiles at the latter. Although the puns here are intentional, fashion makes me worry.

To make matters worse, there are other brands selling tattered shoes. I think this shows a complete lack of empathy. What are we going to do next? No roof, “distressed” walls and broken window glass mansions? It will be paired with tattered clothes and ligated shoes to keep the appearance intact. Although this will not happen, I vaguely remember that somewhere I read that foreigners are buying vacations that they must stay in the slums of Mumbai. For my own reason, I only hope that the golden goose will give birth to an egg.