GOLDEN GOOSE 丨 Sneaker Workshop Customized Experience Landed in Beijing SKP for a Limited Time

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

This weekend, Golden Goose Sneakers Maker (Sneakers Customization Workshop) will land in Beijing SKP for a limited time. Personalized immersive services will bring you a personalized experience. Personality attitude!
Speaking of the hot casual shoes nowadays, Golden Goose, an Italian luxury brand that is popular all over the world with “little dirty shoes”, definitely has enough say. The Golden Goose Sneakers series is based on maintaining the brand’s maturity and eternal concept, combined with modern aesthetics , Gives a new concept element to a pair of casual shoes. At the same time, the Golden Goose shoe series combines traditional Italian handicraft techniques, from sanding, washing, and coloring, to giving Golden Goose a different quirky soul through the ingenuity of Italian artisans. And the Sneakers Maker sneaker customization event, which will open on weekends this weekend, will take you to experience a different Italian style.

Sneakers Maker, as the name suggests, is to give everyone the creative freedom to become the creator of their shoes. Each participating consumer can experience a one-to-one exclusive private custom experience. This immersive experience complements the retail environment in the store and will give you a communication that is like being in Venice headquarters and traditional Italian craftsmen. Experience.
As a consumer, you will be the “protagonist” of the Sneakers Maker experience: Your customized Sneaker will be built around your ideas through the hands of the top Golden Goose artisans, providing you with a variety of workshop equipment Bespoke choices are yours. It’s never been easier.
Draw graffiti, give uninhibited street style
Multicolor shoelaces, fun tag concept
Metal signage, highlighting pure luxury quality
Personalized tape, playful cold industrial elements
The exclusive Sneaker created by Sneakers Maker is enviable, but the process of “making” may be even more precious. In addition to your exclusive Sneaker, we will also use Polaroid to record the beautiful moment of creating your exclusive Golden Goose.
cheap golden goose Sneakers Maker interprets the brand’s independent personality style and attitude in a changeable manner. What are you waiting for?