golden goose

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Hello everyone.
This is my third pair of goldengoose this year.

I bought a pair of flash silver before, which is very easy to wear and very versatile, so I always wear it. When Tmall double eleven, I saw that he was just engaged in activities. So want to enter a pair of classic models.

I thought I bought the blue tail and made the old one, but it turned out to be the black tail, and it was not old and dirty … the laces were not gray,

A little not used to it. It doesn’t feel like the blue tail is wild.

It may still enter the blue tail.

The price of double eleven is 2000 yuan. It’s still much cheaper than what I bought at the counter.

Buying a pair of dirty and broken cheap golden goose is worth it?
Hahaha, it ’s worth it. I can just say that I like it. This shoe is really broken, the bottom is worn out, the shoe is also yellow, and I was given a pair of white gloves. Are the hands dirty, but these shoes are really comfortable to wear, and most like the insole comes with the inner height.