cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

In fact, this pair of shoes is from the Italian brand GOLDEN GOOSE, and it is not worn dirty, but originally designed to have such a vicissitudes of looks, the price is ~ 5 times + converse +. Not only are these pairs worn by Song Zhongji’s feet, their shoes are basically this style.

This Italian brand was founded in 2000 by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. In fact, neither of them is a design professional, but in a country with developed handicrafts like Italy, you can naturally learn a lot if you like it.

And just because they have n’t received a systematic design education, they can let them come up with more novel ideas, so these old retro shoes are born.

All shoes are carefully stitched by the craftsmen one stitch and one thread, where the price will give you what kind of experience, the comfort cannot be said, the traditional beauty of Italy, modern yet elegant. And the biggest advantage of this shoe is that it is now old, and it will be the same as new one ten years later.

The unique sense of vicissitude made everyone fall in love with it. In fact, the popularity of GOLDEN GOOSE is far more than that of her husband. As early as “Star You”, all professors have gotten on board.

Later, in “Pinocchio”, Lee Jong Suk also assembled a pair of old golden goose.

In addition to the popularity of Korean dramas, GOLDEN GOOSE also has a large number of Korean stars as its fans, often appearing in their private clothing styles. Privately, Jin Xiuxian wears star shoes a lot.

Li Minhao, who is also a member of the “husband”, also often goes on golden goose.

EXO’s busy Wu Shixun’s airport styling also often appears in the shape of golden goose, with simple and refreshing sports and leisure outfits, capitalized big boy feel.

Rather than saying that Shixun likes to wear cheap golden goose, the whole regiment loves these dirty shoes. Chanyeol, kai, D.O. have done it.

Not only do male stars love these star shoes, Korean actresses also love it. Yun’er, Xiuzhi, and jessica also often wear them, and they can be completely held regardless of the cute style, sports style, and Yujie Fan’er.

Well, you might think that these shoes are too Korean style, then you are wrong. Although they are dirty, the wild ability is not inferior to white shoes, it can perfectly fit into your style. You saw the demonstration of Han Feng above, so as a pair of shoes from Italy, naturally it is also a favorite of European and American stars.

Hollywood actor Jude Law is its number one fan, whether it is personal service or attending events, whether casual or suit, match it, the vicissitudes of sneakers just fit his masculine.

European and American women have also stepped on their feet, Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Megan Fox three different styles, but the golden goose can easily navigate without worry.

Not only are Korean and European and American stars in love with these “old” shoes, in fact, there are many domestic stars who already have a foothold. Among them, Li Yifeng and Luhan are the ones who have appeared on it many times.

Maybe I watched “Descendants of the Sun”, maybe it just happened to happen that a few days ago, Daimi Mi wore the same paragraph of Song Zhongji.

When we talked about shoes, we often mentioned how to match. In fact, I think it is really versatile. There is nothing special to say. If you really want to mention the style, it may be that the Korean style is more fresh and simple.

Europeans and Americans prefer to use their distressing effect to show a sense of decadent sports street style. In fact, I feel that this style of shoes can be used in any way. It can easily fit into your style but has its own attitude.

The moment to buy new shoes, new clothes and new bags is always exciting, especially on a busy day or even a week. New clothes and new shoes have a magic power to eliminate fatigue. Following the torn jeans, the Italian Golden Goose Deluxe Brand applied the concept of “distressed” to sneakers. Similar to the broken and distressed jeans, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand has produced a series of distressed sneakers. The imitation of the traces allows the brand-new sneakers to accumulate time and break the magic of wearing new clothes. same.

It’s not the actual self-defilement, but the kind of aging effect that takes a period of time to reach like smoke after being exposed to war. Rather than trying every means to make a new pair of shoes really become second-hand goods, it is better to come directly with a pair of “story” attributes, very recognizable GOLDEN GOOSE is full of force.

As in previous years, the flow of a fashion item is absolutely indispensable for stars. For example, this time the “dirty shoes” style, EXO members and some fashion followers have become fans of “dirty shoes”. It can be seen that the development trend of “dirty shoes” style will definitely rise again in the spring and summer of 2016.

Of course, our national husband Song Zhongji also contributed a lot to the popularity of “dirty shoes”. The popular Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” is not only attractive in plot, but her husband’s matching is also a hot topic. The “dirty shoes” under the close-up shot also successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

Few beautiful stars in domestic street shooting, big power is considered a top student. Such a fashionable stunner, of course, she won’t miss it.

It looks dirty, but this is actually the design principle of Golden Goose. The theme of making “dirty” ~ the designer is good at remaking vintage materials into original products, combining traditional meticulous tailoring and dedication to details to create stylish and comfortable shoes.

Not long ago, Selena Gomez was also caught wearing Golden Dirty “dirty shoes” to take to the street. It seems that the fashion trend of European and American stars has also started to develop like the “dirty shoes” trend.

With the powerful influence of the popular Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” and Song Zhongji’s trend, “dirty shoes” has attracted many enthusiasts in China. Although its price is not cheap, it still cannot withstand fans Mood, one after another showed their own “dirty shoes” photos on Instagram.

The essence of the old design is probably: now it grows like this, 10 years later it will still be like this, and then your Sneaker will be accompanied by such lyrics, “My friend said it looks very old, unfortunately it and You have nothing to do. “

Many street style enthusiasts also hold the same view, thinking that “dirty shoes” are very fashionable. The photos of these followers of the trend of “dirty shoes” PO on the Internet did indeed look “cool”.