Golden Goose Autumn / Winter 2019 | A historical journey about time memory

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Beautiful and romantic Hokkaido
This island is located in the extreme north of Japan.
Too many glorious praises by the world
Its beauty stems from the different visual perceptions of spring, summer, autumn and winter
A historical journey about time memory
Unfolding slowly on this island
Subtle contrast between new and old
A common sentiment connecting two generations
This time
Golden goose
Represent the unique temperament of this island from another angle
From the concept of time capsule
Use creative stitching techniques to mix different fabrics and textures
Different images of autumn and winter 2019
In the autumn and winter of Golden Goose 2019, different stitching and techniques are presented on the same fabric with creative stitching. The seemingly worn but intact jackets interpret the Italian tradition of craftsmanship that Golden Goose adheres to. Fishing as this series Another major theme element in the show is also vividly displayed in the autumn and winter items. The colorful fishing bait pattern on the clothes symbolizes the meaning of the lucky charm. Through the mix and match of different fabrics and textures, each detail element has been obtained Full presentation.
Golden Goose brand spirit continues
Fall / Winter 2019 Sneakers Collection
In the heritage of craftsmanship
Try to break through the rules
A classic picture that looks familiar
A mellow menswear movement
cheap golden goose Fall Winter Collection
A historical journey about time memory
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