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cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Nowadays, the small white shoes are still the trend, and in the street shooting, there are a bunch of collocations for appreciation. But the reality is that although white shoes look good, it is difficult to get dirty. Ordinary people like Xiaobian will not wear grey shoes with their original white shoes, and they will never go out with them, not to mention those big stars who must go out when they go out. But there are a group of people who are willing to step on old and worn-out feet all day long, like dirty sneakers that have never been brushed out and swaying. What the hell is this stuff?cheap golden goose

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Chinese translation–Golden Goose (I really do n’t know how it got its name, let’s call it GGDB here!), Self-taught designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, founded in 2000 . I think everyone’s first impression of this brand should be-who TMD sold out the old shoes and sold them so expensively ~ to be honest, the reason the editor thinks these shoes are hot is your husband Song Zhongji In the hit Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun”, there is a passage, so the popularity is naturally self-evident.
This is the pair, at first glance I thought it was stan smith! However, it can buy a lot of double stan simth, which is about AUD $ 500. I have a pair of the same paragraph, I suggest everyone not to let my mother see it, because they will try to brush it clean.
Closer to home, this pair of shoes in the fashion circle is really a bad idea, the stars are embarrassed to go out without a pair of small dirty shoes
I would like to remind everyone here that GGDB is an Italian brand, not a Korean brand, although Koreans really wear a lot.
Of course there are many in Europe and America
The essence of the old design is that it now looks like this, and it will still be like this 10 years later. From then on, your Sneaker will be accompanied by such lyrics. No longer relevant. “

The reason why “used shoes” can be so expensive is mainly because the two designers of the brand like to retro
Materials are reprocessed and combined with traditional manual cutting techniques to treat shoes. Every detail of the shoes you see is hand-stitched by the old craftsman with one stitch and one thread. Each pair of shoes is different. Whether it is monochrome or sequins, it has full personality.

GGDB’s “dirty” shoe family has a full 13 series, but the best seller is the SuperStar series. Low-top sneaker shape. The shoe body has three breathable openings. The iconic five-pointed star is located on the side of the toe and printed with the GGDB STAR logo. There are all kinds of materials. It really seems to be the pair that is dirty under the feet of a skateboarder. same.