Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

In addition to Song Zhongji, this small dirty shoe has swept the Korean circle, regardless of the male and female hands!
Of course, there are all kinds of male god Oba before you, all through!
Professor! Lee Jong Suk
Seeing the shoes of Ouba, I put on the shoes of the goddess, but I still can’t be satisfied! Let the men’s friends also wear the same shoes as couple shoes!
what? Don’t have a male friend yet? What are you waiting for! Buy a pair for future male tickets!
I believe the male ticket will also be attracted by the seductive little dirty shoes, obediently put into your arms!
Silver Tail Small Dirty Shoes
Is the shiny silver reflective tail stylishly blind? The crack design of the head and tail is also “handsome”!

Sequined blue tail dirty shoes cheap golden goose
Unlike women’s shoes, men’s shoes are all shiny! Is it to show that the male ticket is handsome and unique?

Green tail small dirty shoes
Oh, compared to the previous ones, this one can be low-key! The dark green head and tail, with white background and black star, show the low-key simplicity of the man, but it will not blur his tall image of warm man!
Black tail small dirty shoes
The black tail with gray heel and gray star will not make the shoes look too low-key and show a simple atmosphere. It is best for the boyfriend in white shirt and jeans!
Blue tail dirty shoes

Cyan suede material with colorful thread woven canvas, is it colorful and stylish! Dress up the male ticket as a trendy man!
Sequined green tail dirty shoes
Compared with the shiny green tail, the blue tail is like a forest and the ocean. A fresh and warm, but different feeling is a boyfriend! So buy a double blue tail and remember to buy a double green tail! (I won’t tell you it feels like having two boyfriends