Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Fall Winter Collection

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (GGDB) Fall / Winter 2017 collection is nostalgic. The new product draws inspiration from the most neglected details in life. Whether it is a stack of vintage printed wallpaper or a European classic tapestry, it has become a unique fashion focus this season, and the styles overflow the unique charm of Venice .
GGDB autumn and winter series of women’s clothing interpreted a journey of urban women’s roots. From the bustling city to the old house of the grandmother by the river in Venice, from the simple and modern urban style to the retro charming town atmosphere, GGDB integrates a variety of design concepts into the new season of women’s clothing. Tough camel coat with cut-out tobacco pants, metallic short coat complemented with wide-legged trousers to set off urban women’s independence and ability; stiff windbreaker and long skirt, decorated with a Venetian retro wallpaper style printing grid The pattern reproduces the calmness and elegance after returning home.

The GGDB men’s autumn / winter collection also draws inspiration from the wallpapers and tapestries of Venice, using a rich retro-style texture design to present a new texture. Simple and generous overalls and jeans, paired with a nostalgic suede jacket in the 1970s, are designed to convey a young, uninhibited spirit. The large military green double-breasted long coat, with fur lapel design, shows a refreshing military style.
GGDB autumn and winter series of men’s and women’s casual shoes adhere to the street style that has always been deliberately old, supplemented by the iconic five-star Logo, resolute and rebellious. In addition, the autumn and winter series also introduced retro leather boots and stockings, bringing an upgraded visual and wearing experience.

cheap golden goose Deluxe Brand autumn and winter clothing and accessories continue the brand’s rebellious style, adding a bit of laziness and casualness. When the memories of the hometown of the old days meet the modern fashion creativity, a variety of styles are ingeniously matched, which opens the retro chapter of the new season of GGDB.