Golden Goose Deluxe Brand! Really dirty

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Recently, the screen of a drama “Descendants of Japan” swiped the screen, and the popularity on Weibo is still high.

In such a drama, the first encounter between the male and female protagonists in the hospital gave a big close-up of the protagonist Song Zhongji’s sneakers-you know, the same models in popular Korean dramas will always become popular quickly-without careful look, For example, the green tailed Stan Smith or Converse got dirty for too long, but because of looking at the face, it was “dirty and pretty”.

This is a “special product” of the Italian brand cheap golden goose Deluxe Brand. This kind of “dirty shoes” with ash and signs of wear will cost $ 400 to $ 500, or 2500-3500 RMB.

These shoes are more common in street shooting. Recently, she has become the most popular celebrity on Instagram, Selena Gomez, Jude Law, Iron Man heroine Gwyneth Paltrow, Faye Wong, Kimura Takuya, etc., all in private. Often dressed.

GGDB’s sales in 2014 reached 48 million euros, a 60% increase compared to the same period in 2013, and a sales increase of 49% is also expected in 2015.

Converse has always said that “dirty is good-looking”. In 2013, it also launched a dirty limited edition, usually a pair of canvas shoes for $ 30 to $ 40, which cost $ 310.

In January 2015, Saint Laurent’s spring / summer 2016 show also introduced white shoes with stains.

In March 2015, Converse, “Made By You.” Also used this as a marketing campaign. The exhibition opened to the public at Flatiron Plaza in New York, raising the number of dirty sneakers worn by artists, singers and consumers for a long time. To the level of art.

Before trying to analyze why “dirty shoes” become a fashion, let’s introduce the GGDB brand and things other than this gimmick.

This brand was founded by couples Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo in Venice in 2000. Out of their common love for sneakers, fashion and art, the two wanted to design products that suit their own style. If you look at her husband’s dress, you will know a little about the brand ’s DNA—a little long hair, messy, bearded, and also dressed mainly in denim, leather, and motorcycle jackets—it looks like a pursuit It’s kind of cool.

The DDGB shoes are made in Venice, Italy. Take the pair of Super Stars worn by Song Zhongji, for example, the soft leather shoe body and suede toe, plus the Italian shoemaking process, regardless of the outline Details such as stitching are all reasons for its value, and have also been well received in terms of comfort and texture.

In the current production styles, canvas and leather sneakers are both high and low, and there are also pedals and running shoes without laces. One side of the shoe is often embellished with a pentagram that is missing a corner. The size of the missing corner and the size, material, color, and position of the stars are arbitrary.

Let’s talk about doing old things. The traces that GGDB shoes want to achieve are all made by hand, so each pair is dirty and unique, although it may be a little funny to say that-you used to search for “how to clean my shoes”, and this kind of After the trend appears, you should search “how to make shoes dirty naturally”.

Net-a-Porter’s Vice President of Global Purchasing, Sarah Rutson, said in an interview with Yahoo Style about the reason for choosing “dirty shoes”: “This special sneaker stands out from the crowd of small white shoes because of its unique vintage effect. Each pair is brushed and waxed by hand to achieve a moderate wearing and wearing feeling. In the past two seasons, we have seen too many pairs of shiny new white shoes, and this new way shows a new style , Looks like your favorite pair of old shoes, there is no way to not wear them. This makes everything look more stylish and precious, and of course comfortable. “

This is actually the customary “trick” of fashion. It is like a word called “Heroin chic”. At the end of the 20th century, the fashion industry had a lot of “pretending to be avant-garde” designs to attract the public. A position that is completely contrary to traditional aesthetics, covering up charm with filth. In the 1980s, Shirakawa Kubota used “intentional vandalism” to produce defective fabrics, and then air-dried for many days.

“Philosophy of Fashion” also wrote: “When the ‘street’ element was absorbed into high fashion and transformed by fashion designers in some magical way, it was no longer a simple ‘street’ And its price is hundreds of times more expensive. After the designer’s magic transformation, the dirty things in street clothes are no longer normal dirt. Pollution is only decoration, no real dirt is allowed. For a long time, retro leather shoes have a distressed craftsmanship, making the original shiny shoes less serious, but also with some decorative details.

The simplest example is a “broken hole cowboy” that was not understood long ago. It belongs to the character that your mother bought and washed for you or helped you throw it away.

What used to be long-wearing workers for a long time and made the jeans appear white, brushed and torn, has evolved into today’s fashionable products. People have researched various ways to specifically destroy jeans, such as pickling, sand washing, and sanding, and many people are willing to pay a high price for this. And spending money on a pair of distressed sneakers is not a reason.

It is worth noting that there is such a word lumbersexual on the shortlist for the “vocabulary of the year 2015” to compete with that emoji, which is a mixture of lumberjack and metrosexual. It can be used to describe the style of Alessandro Gallo, one of the founders of GGDB.

If there are two types of sportsmen, one is exquisite and elegant, and the other is the opposite, it should be lumbersexual, “pretending” not trimming. Maybe he had a beard, a plaid shirt, and his hair was messy. There is danger of being considered a tramp, which shows uninhibited, hip-hop and masculinity. Suggest a rough outdoor lifestyle. In this aesthetic, a pair of “dirty shoes” is really appropriate. Also matched are boyfriend-style cowboys, rock-inspired leather clothes, and a bohemian style that has always been closely associated with “wandering”.

Having said that, for many people who do not buy pure white shoes and clothes, it may be because they are not easy to maintain and worry that it will be too ugly to become dirty. But at least such a pair of shoes that are already “dirty” don’t have to be careful after buying them, they will not change much after wearing them for a long time, and may be very attractive.