Golden Goose dirty shoes dirty?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

About Golden Goose
I believe that many of my friends know Golden Goose. They come from the pair of green tail dirty shoes worn by Song Zhongji in the TV series “Descendants of the Sun”.
And Song Zhongji not only chases the girl in the play, but also chases the man outside the play. As soon as he went to the airport, his dirty shoes were standard.

After that, many Korean and domestic artists began to wear small dirty shoes. The Korean drama “Pretty sister who often invites to eat” not long ago, the Golden Goose dirty dirty shoes always worn on the feet of male and female protagonists became one of the highlights in the drama.
Unlike the same small white shoes, each pair of Golden Goose dirty shoes is uniquely dirty, exuding a high-end “no edge” atmosphere.
Founded in 2000, cheap golden goose, the full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (referred to as: GGDB). Brand designers Francesca and Alessandro Gallo, though not from science, have bet their passion for fashion and art on the brand.
Every worn-out shoe is waxed and washed by hand, so the shoes made are also absolutely unique, both full of retro flavor and comfortable to wear.

The most important thing is: all shoe types come with a hidden 3CM height increase, which is completely invisible from the outside. The slender shoe shape perfectly complements the feet.
What worth buying
Golden Goose’s basic star model, which is the type worn by Song Zhongji, can be worn on almost any clothes, and it is not a problem to mix and match with a small dress.

Because Golden Goose’s shoes are relatively slender, it is also particularly suitable for pairing with slim jeans or cropped pants, and the method of exposing beautiful ankles is absolutely highly recommended.

In the autumn and winter of 18, the overall shoe has added more glitter elements to the details, bringing out more punk rock taste, which will bring more highlights to your wear.
Wear a slightly high-topped shoe, as long as you control the height of the trousers and reveal a lost ankle fashionablely, you can play a high-level retro feel.