cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

GOLDEN GOOSE GGDB small dirty shoes have been prepared by hand from time to time, which is very time consuming, not the factory goods can be compared casually now! Some details of the small dirty shoes will be described later. The details of each pair of color are different. This key detail is only known by the authentic hand.
cheap golden goose GGDB small dirty shoes silver tail:
The upper and ZP are made of white silk leather that is imported in unison.
The left and right feet of the same pair of shoes will have slightly different effects
Inside material: cowhide + towel cloth
Cold bonding splicing process is not a defect
Pentagram is old, partially blackened, partially normal, random delivery
Shoe box / dust box / black gloss finish without any extra accessories
The insole will only have silver origin. Material: cowhide
Insole + sole at least 5 cm
The outsole of the shoe is consistent with the ZP. The rubber outsole is too hard. You should know the ZP or the one you wear.
Old effect can refer to ZP
Due to pure handwork, each pair is different Minor / Serious Random delivery