Golden Goose: If you do n’t write anymore, your “husband” will change to concubine.

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

To be honest, Big Lemon did not watch “Descendants of the Sun”, but having no time to follow the drama does not mean that there is no time to gossip. Given that several fashion public accounts have already “snapped” your “husband”, today Big Lemon also followed suit. Pick up your “husband” favorite dirty shoes (For a pure wife like Big Lemon, I won’t pick up your “husband” clothes …). After all, as a dirty shoe made by the country of Pear Kingdom, you can get such a love from your “husband”. These three thousand pets are the favorite pets. If you don’t show them off, you have the suspicion that they are low-key and thunder. Already.
 【brand introduction】
 Foreign name: Golden Goose
 Chinese name: Golden Goose
 Nationality: Italy
 Founded: 2000
 Designer: Alessandro Gallo & Francesca Rinaldo
(Finally, a couple who is not tired with a man and a woman)
 Main Products: Shoes, Clothing
 【Brand History】
Golden Goose, as a new wave brand, does not have a long history of creation and transformation. The two designers and founders, Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, are not design professionals. The self-taught couple never received orthodox training in fashion design and tailoring. The design knowledge and technology of the two were in the initial stage of the brand Learned in the field at different factories. Out of a shared love for sneakers, fashion and art, the couple founded the GoldenGoose brand in Venice, Italy, in 2000, hoping to design some items that fit their own style. It can be seen from Alessandro’s daily dress that it is this Italian man who is accustomed to wearing beards and ripped jeans and motorcycle jackets, giving cheap golden goose the uninhibited and cool brand personality.

Bearded designer Alessandro Gallo

Golden Goose’s soul product is sneakers. The price of an ordinary pair of sneakers can reach 4000 ~ 5000RMB (it is considered a high-end item in sneakers). For the production of sneakers, Alessandro and Francesca have a common design idea: reprocess the retro materials, and then combine the traditional manual cutting process to handle the shoes. Although it is a new-generation tide brand, it still inherits the fine tradition of Italian shoemakers. Therefore, every detail of every pair of Golden Goose sneakers we saw was hand-stitched by the craftsmen. Similarly, both monochrome and sequins are full of personality. It’s not difficult to understand why the same shoes, cheap golden goose can not converse three octaves.
[Why buy]
Although the product line of the Golden Goose family involves many fields, today the big lemon is only responsible for planting grass sneakers-who makes it the soul “character” of the brand. What is the appeal of this expensive pair of shoes that will make you willing to open your wallet-and listen to me carefully:
Reason No.1 is not afraid of dirty
9 of the 10 fans who are keen on Golden Goose must have been sucked by the dirty-looking sneakers first. The appearance is shabby and old. It seems that the dirty sneakers that have never been washed by the owner are actually not caused by real stains, but by special old methods: every pair of Golden Goose “dirty” sneakers are After brushing and waxing by hand, it can achieve the realistic effect of moderate wearing and wearing.
You know, the clean white shoes are only suitable for appearing in the star network red blockbuster. It is absolutely impossible for the general public who travels on various public transportation every day to ensure that the white shoes are as white and flawless as ever. Even if you are all luxury brothers and sisters who choose to travel by private car, there is no guarantee that you will not give your little white shoes a deep black mark or red oil drops.
So, let those little white shoes exist in the beautiful photos, choose a pair of “dirty” out-of-the-box Golden Goose, neither need to scratch your ears for the embarrassing imprints, nor need to bother to search for shoes All kinds of whitening prescriptions, this is undoubtedly the best gospel for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder and cancer.

Little white shoes can also be not afraid of dirty

Reason NO.2 Not afraid of short
Although traveling in sneakers is comfortable, it is a tangled choice for a girl who is not so confident in her height. Therefore, there are always girls who choose to wear high heels when they are supposed to step on sneakers for their beautiful long legs. . Considering this factor, the two designers of Golden Goose can really say that they are designing every shoe from the perspective of consumers: if I do n’t say, you will know that this shoe is actually Does it come with an increase in 2CM? Although the height of the internal increase is not much, as a sneaker, this is definitely a breakthrough of the special cow B-compared to the ugly outer increase of Hogan’s shoes, you will know how the internal increase of the Golden Goose is “moist.” Silently “(the big lemon did not degrade the brand Hogan, as the Italian shoe king is absolutely true). Coupled with the soft terry cloth lining in the shoes, it is just comfortable to have no friends ~

Can you see the increase?

Reason NO.3 Not afraid of changing people
For the trendy men and women, the scariest thing to wear is that they have no recognition and change passers by the minute. Therefore, in addition to using the old effects to achieve a tramp and hip-hop style, Golden Goose also uses eye-catching LOGO to create a unique personality. Although Golden Goose also uses a five-pointed star as the main logo, The designer did not deliberately place the stars in a round frame like Converse, but presented it in a freely spreading form, and usually its five-pointed star logo deliberately lacks a corner to appear on the front, middle, and rear of the shoe side. The material is also cowhide and suede, so the recognition is quite high, and it can be recognized all the way. This undoubtedly strikes the sensitive nerves of the fashion trend people.

Not only the logo is eye-catching, the color is also eye-catching

Reason NO.4 You “husbands” all wear them, don’t you hurry up?
This is simply the most important reason, no matter how much it sells for a pair of shoes, the “husband” has worn it, as a concubine, can you keep up with it?

【buy what】
Of course, I bought a sneaker, otherwise why do I have so many words with a big lemon? Here are a few Golden Goose dirty sneakers for everyone: