This DC restaurant is full of Goyard tote bags and $500 sneakers. Our brave reporters stepped into the dark heart of the wandering rovers to judge the mother.

I didn’t mean to be wasted at 1 pm on Saturday. I only drank a cup, but not just Millie’s rich frost – after all, vodka, a mixture of wine and sugar – but the space-time continuum here is a bit like a tear, a realistic suspension.

A drink is not just a drink, because you are not even a real self. You are a fun, carefree person. Just a few years away from direct current, you hang somewhere and your hair is blown away. The limbs of Hampton are tan, and people may ironically use the term “island time”.

After all, this is Millie’s point of view.

The Spring Valley region is Bo Boair’s idea, and Bo Blair is the ruler of the Northwest Territories, including Jettie’s and Surfside ( Attractions such as Surfside (formerly the now disbanded Smith Point, the WASP-y flash point headquarters of the Bush twins). Milly of Washington, DC is the branch of Blair’s original Millie, which sits on the distant New England land and slams up in the sea like the nobility’s nose, Nantucket.

Yes, because this is a wealthy, polished Spring Valley (estimated home media value of more than $1.6 million), so many families who frequent the Millie family have gone to the original Nantucket Milli family. Because, you know, when people get there when the weather gets hot?

Speaking of hot spots: not only the female sponsors of the well-known DCite that Millie has succeeded, but they are also very attractive. So much so that their appearance brought a new nickname to the location: MIFiie’s.

So where does the nickname come from? I chatted with several customers who often went to Millie, and I almost heard of this nickname, but no one knows who would think of this. (“Probably Bo,” a DC woman contemplates.) This is a city legend, unlike the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, which rises from the depths of the darkness – well, if the Loch Ness Monster wears the Cartier Love Bracelet And Solidcore Abs, that is.

But perhaps more importantly, what constitutes anthropology that is familiar to MIFiie-us? Is it just that a person was born in this tribe, and an obvious fate is written into the intrauterine DNA helix? Still won the title, a vaguely visible, vine-covered temple, broke into a curved knife-like road?

Park in the bars of MILFie, you will see them working, the jungle is alive: women wearing chic Midiskirts and Goyard deliver grazing children through ice cream production lines (even if blueberry is not just blueberries, but Maine blueberries)); The women went out to play a girl’s night and raised the glass with Barre 3 color weapons (please go to Caroline’s class); when scanning the menu, women talked about their children in St. Patricks or Beauvoir ( Marg and Roba salad, holding potatoes).

“Yes, this is an attractive crowd,” said Milly’s general manager, Manny Fliakas. (When I asked him if he heard the nickname of MILFie, his answer was: “Well, yes, I know.”

He said: “When the patio beats, we can accommodate more than 100 people. This is a place to see and see.” “Sometimes definitely who.”

Obviously, you not only have to go there to buy a $27 salad, absolutely not, man. You also have to go there to enjoy the lifestyle, smile and nod, air kiss and gossip. So, of course, mom must look good.

“[Depends on] where they came from or when they were in the day, they will wear Lululemon uniforms, or wear a more neat look,” said the 41-year-old woman who lives in Georgetown and goes at least once a month. Millie.

“They will wear their cheap golden goose sneakers, or put on tasseled jeans and a T-shirt, and then put on something like the Hermès Evelyne messenger bag. Just like a uniform.”

She paused. “It’s so casual, but even if you dress like you don’t try, you’re still trying, do you know what I mean? For example, you know that you are wearing sneakers, but do you know this is a $500 sneaker?”

And it looks good (but actually – looking for the price of Hermes Evelyne) is good because you know everyone there will see similar photos.

“We are a member of the Georgetown Club. It’s almost like [the same atmosphere as Millie],” Georgetown continued.

She continued: “When you pass there, you must stop and say hello, because you will meet someone on this table, then you will walk and see another person.” “Then you sit down, Someone walked over, and then someone said, ‘Oh, have you heard stories about certain classes?’

Although most of the women I spoke with said that there was no dramatic event with Millie’s outings, they did say that sometimes there were some atmospheres in high school cafeterias.

Although most of the women I spoke with said that there was no dramatic event with Millie’s outings, they did say that sometimes there were some atmospheres in high school cafeterias.

“[Anxiety] makes me come back, just like where I am sitting, or a cool kid, I am not cool.” The 45-year-old TV news person said that he lives in Bethesda and often goes to Millie. “It’s like the Spring Valley, a popular group of girls. Just like a Range Rover, the mother of a big diamond and the same day on SoulCycle, do you know?”

She recently met some friends there after a fitness class and had dinner there. She immediately regretted not wearing sportswear without makeup and sweat. “Because everyone is checking you,” she said.

“They all do this, like what she wore when she was in high school? You know, oh, I know her, she is a mother anyway,” she said. “They are talking to you, but their eyes are like you can’t check the next table.”

It’s fair to say now that Millie’s is a public place in DC. Of course, not all customers are wearing the Ruckernuck Land Rover.

Like most places in Washington, there are all kinds of people. It’s just that Millie has more of the Land Rover Tribe than most places, especially in a city where restaurant booms are associated with electric scooters.

“I mean, if you go to Le Diplomate, you will meet someone you know, if you are from DC, right? But maybe you want to go to the store, someone in your office or someone from your uncle’s friend. Ms. Bethesda said: “In the DC area, there are many options for people you know. ”

“But, Millie’s – there is no such place elsewhere, because you have taken the neighbor and picked it up and placed it in the form of a restaurant. I can’t think of another place like this – I just want to say – The whitest, the uppermost, the middle class. I mean, that’s it.”

The Spring Valley is objectively a beautiful place – the majestic houses are tilted to each other, the lawns are neat and appropriate, and in the summer the tree-green trees are closed like a breath.

If you spend a good night there, see people walking along the dog, stroller and baby on the 49th or 48th street, they are likely to be in Millie’s (Dana Bash, Kate Bennett and Susanna) Eating dinner or takeaway Quinn (Quinn) was found there).

Or they are going to the recently opened Pizza Paradiso or Compass Coffee, in part because Millie has successfully revitalized the shopping street, and ANC Commissioner Troy Kravitz of the area told me (he also knows MILFie’s nickname, for reference only).

Striptease is not always a good place. Designed as a historical site, the mall was built in the 1930s, including the outpost of Garfunker’s department store, a bank and a gas station, which is now home to Millie.

(Between the gas station and the Nantucket-style restaurant, this place is a barbecue chicken shop called Chicken Out. When people look at the similar bronze customers, they can’t help but think of the golden bird.)

But today, the area is its own village of Hee Hee village, in a quiet environment almost like Stephen (Stepford), in which Millie’s sits, its picnic tables, string lights and music from the elevated The window wall is floating, becoming a frozen drink machine like obese, drunk cats screaming.

The frost is very cold and it feels good along the throat. If you have enough space, you can look up at the sky and you can almost find the rarest thing in the city – the stars.

Maybe just a string light.