Golden Goose “little dirty shoes” luxury road

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

The Italian luxury tide brand Golden Goose, founded in 2001, was transformed into a fashionable down feather brand Moncler after being acquired by Remo Ruffuni, a clothing family in 2003. The Italian tide brand was founded in 2009 by former Emilio Pucci creative director Massimo Giorgetti MSGM … A few examples are the current hot brands. These Italian brands, who haven’t been in the fashion industry for a long time, can quickly become industry stars and strike a balance between luxury positioning and the mass market.

“Little dirty shoes” Golden Goose is also a pioneer in luxury sports shoes. With the help of Italian quality leather and shoemaking technology, the deliberately worn-out cheap golden goose swept social media.

The large industrial characteristics that the Italian fashion industry has always carried have made the new brand more aware of business. At the same time, the accumulation of Italian history and humanities also allows the brand to have adequate control over the attributes of luxury goods.

In the relatively solidified luxury industry, almost all brands are looking for new M & A targets and growth points.

Golden Goose’s 2019 revenue is expected to increase from US $ 205 million in 2018 to US $ 300 million. EBITDA EBITDA profits will reach approximately US $ 90 million in 2019, an increase from last year’s US $ 51 million.