Golden Goose opens first store in Beijing

On December 8th, the Italian brand Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (hereinafter referred to as Golden Goose), which is famous for its “dirty sneakers”, opened a store in Beijing. This is its first store in China, and it is also a flagship store. The address is selected in the North District where Sanlitun Taikoo Li luxury goods gather. The neighbors are Paul Smith, Vera Wang, Longchamp, and just June this year. Gentle Monster, a Korean eyewear brand.

Golden Goose was founded in 2000 by couples Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo in Venice. Although its most successful product today is the “dirty sneakers” designed by Converse, it is not a brand that only makes sneakers.

In fact, in the 15 years from its inception to the present, its products are quite complete, including ready-to-wear, bags and shoes (including boots). The “dirty sneakers” that make it a global sight, that is, the casual shoe series, are actually new product lines developed in 2007.
But now, shoes have become the highlight of Golden Goose. Golden Goose also started making children’s shoes in 2009.

In Beijing ’s flagship store. Shoes are obviously something that Golden Goose wants to focus on selling to Chinese consumers. The store is divided into two floors, the first floor is mainly for women’s products, the second floor is mainly for men’s products, but sneakers are displayed on both floors. On the opening day, Golden Goose debuted 50 pairs of limited edition sneakers designed for the Chinese market. The design of the upper is inspired by Italian three-dimensional gravel, and has always liked vintage white. In addition, Golden Goose also deliberately brought the co-branded models that he had cooperated with Swarovski in the past two years and put them in the store.

In fact, the products displayed at the store opening that night were mainly previews made for the media. Although it has only 15 years of history, Golden Goose still displays the items currently on the market under the theme of “now, past and future”. The early summer series, the most important thing is about 30 pieces of Golden Goose’s historical collection. In order to distinguish them from other vintage products on site, these historical collections are labeled with the word “Vintage” in red.

“Golden Goose has an archive in Milan, and this time the Beijing store opened by air transporting the designer’s 15-year collection from Milan.” Cai Yayun, who is responsible for Golden Goose’s work in the Chinese market, told Curiosity Daily.
Just in June of this year, Golden Goose just opened its first UK store on Dover Street in the Mayfair district of London. Before that, it had 22 stores worldwide. In December 2004, Golden Goose announced annual sales of $ 58.7 million, a 35% increase from the same period in 2013. In 2016, its estimated revenue was more than $ 113 million.

At the time, Golden Goose’s plan was to open stores in Tokyo and Seoul later. Italy is the largest market for Golden Goose, with sales accounting for 45% of its total sales, but it has always regarded Japan and South Korea as important markets after Italy.

In fact, the Korean market is more than just the role of consumers for Golden Goose. Chinese consumers can know that “dirty sneakers” are because of Korean stars who wear “dirty sneakers” such as Lee Min Ho, Lim Yoon and Song Joong Ki. Their cognition and enthusiasm reached a climax when Song Zhongji appeared in “Descendants of the Sun” last year.

“We are very honored that cheap golden goose has the support of global stars from the United States, Europe, and Asia. I have to admit the Korean stars’ passion for Golden Goose. Lifestyle can be recognized, “Silvio Campara, chief business officer of Golden Goose, told The Curiosity Daily. Previously, he was responsible for sales for Alexander McQueen and Armani.

In 2014, Roberta Benaglia, CEO of DGPA SGR, the Italian fund holding Golden Goose, said in an interview with WWD that “Golden Goose plans to open a store in Hong Kong subsequently because many Chinese consumers go to Golden Goose in South Korea to spend.”

According to Cai Yayun, “Many Chinese consumers buy shoes on their behalf, and those who go to Italy to buy shoes directly make Golden Goose feel the Chinese enthusiasm.”

Shanghai will be the next place for Golden Goose to open a store, and the store will still be selected in the shopping district where luxury goods are located-Hang Lung Plaza.

“As a global luxury brand, Golden Goose sees the potential of the Chinese market. Beijing is the center of Chinese culture and therefore is a great place for Golden Goose to start the Chinese story.” Silvio Campara said.