golden goose small dirty shoes size

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

I have thin feet, not wide, and my insteps are high. I usually wear 35, 36 shoes, sports shoes 36, high-heeled flat shoes and other 35. I bought this pair of shoes for 35 because many people said that they are big … but I think I will be more comfortable wearing 36

You can search the unpacking map. cheap golden goose The laces are very tight. I wear them very tightly. The loose laces are slightly better now, but they are a little crowded. It may be related to the heightening pads and instep height. Question, ready to re-enter a pair of 36 to see the comparison.

The insole is 2-3cm thick, and the sole is increased by at least 3cm, which I like for dwarfs. However, the insole is leather and has a certain slope. The sole is not very comfortable to wear, and it is not as comfortable as mcq.

But this shoe is really nice and versatile!