Golden Goose, the most fashionable

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

In the past two days, a brand has exploded.
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
Short name
Golden goose

Old driver

That year
Song Zhongji Simida in the hearts of a lot of fans
The “dirty shoes” wearing fire among the descendants of the sun

After the fire of 2016
After a few months of rest
this year
Golden Goose’s “big move”
“Little Dirty Shoes” Advanced Edition —
“Step on shit” was born! !!
These are the shoes with “smell”
And lit the gunpowder in the tide brand world.
With a bang
Followers waiting for a response
When I want to buy, it is still
It’s so tight that you can’t buy it. . . . .

Speaking of the establishment of Golden Goose, which originated in 2000, it was originally an Italian tide brand with outstanding characteristics in selling sneakers. The founding husband and wife team Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo have never studied design seriously, but because of their love for sneakers, the two opened a shoe business in Venice based on their hobbies. In the past ten years, they In the process of dealing with the factory, I continue to learn, from a layman to a professional. Gallo and cool girl Rinaldo, who show their beards all year round, don’t like to use common sense to make cards. Their design methods are reprocessing old materials, and the later cuts and craftsmanship standards fully meet the high requirements of modern people. As we all know, Italian shoemaking technology is the top match of the fashion industry, which gives cheap golden goose the possibility of positioning high-end. With the labels of “manual processing”, “not exactly the same two pairs of shoes”, “old workmanship” and other tags, the price of a pair of Golden Goose can easily reach more than 3,000 yuan, the most expensive retro silver star shoes even tens of thousands.

Fired to tens of thousands of shiny silver

Star heroes will not give up
Except for the big husband who lost his life the year before
Other Chinese and foreign stars are also fans